BREAKING: Commander salutes a consummate pro!


Pence refuses to flinch:
Let's be fair! Commander Trump's daily marathon briefings do serve an important purpose.

Sure, they serve his political interests. But they serve a much more serious purpose—they keep us rubes well informed.

Cable suits keep airing these shows to serve this public interest. At yesterday's briefing, to cite one example, the public got to learn this:
TRUMP (4/2/20): One other thing, just a quick thing. So, what I've found is when governors called me, I think in every case they’ve always been so nice, so nice and I’ve seen them and heard them say, “Thank you, very much. You have done a great job"—a "fantastic" job in one case—"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Then I’ll see the governor, usually of the opposite party in almost all cases except maybe one, but in almost all cases they’re very generous. They’re very nice. They thank me, everything’s great. We’re doing a great job. And then I’ll see him on television and it’s like a different person.

And I realize there are some people, because of politics, that if they say, “We want a thousand ventilators” and I’ll say, “No, Jim. I want to give you five thousand ventilators," they’ll say, “Thank you. You are the greatest president that’s ever lived.”

And then I’ll see them quoted in a paper, or see them on a show, and they’ll say, “The president didn’t come through for me. I’m very disappointed in the president.”

And we have a lot of that. They’re very happy when they talk to me.
Then I see them. But there are some people, if they asked for give hundred of something and if I gave him five thousand, you’ll say, “How’s the president doing?” “Well, we don’t like the job.”

To my face they’re very nice. But, then sometimes, I guess they assume I don’t watch them or something, but I watch very closely.
In such ways, the people learn about their Dear Leader's daily experience. We're allowed to learn what the governors say—what they say to Dear Leader in private.

He gives them ten times what they want. Then they go out and trash him!

This is important information; the people need to know this. The cable suits keep these marathon shows on the air in prime time to serve this key public interest.

The airing of these daily shows also provides a type of anthropology lesson. We learn about the intellectual horizons of our species, Homo sapiens, in this first Year of the Plague, at least on the upper ends of prevailing American culture.

We learn what kinds of exchanges make sense to those in our upper-end press corps. We learn what kinds of behaviors they can swallow without any questions asked.

What looks like a real exchange to members of this upper-end caste? What will be taken as an "answer" after they have offered a question?

Within the realm of these upper-end players, what kinds of behavior will seem to fall within the unremarkable range? What kinds of behaviors will come and go without any further comment?

What counts as a sensible Q-and-A? What counts as information? Consider what happened at Wednesday's briefing when John Roberts, he of Fox News, asked a very good question, then refused to accept the response.

Roberts is a Canadian-born, non-Hannity, semi-hunk anchor type. He worked for CBS News, then for CNN, before he landed at Fox.

He sits up front at the daily briefings. The commander calls on him a lot. On Wednesday, he asked a good question. His question went like this:
ROBERTS (4/1/20): There are a lot of people who are worried about getting sick, and do they end up in a hospital. People who are uninsured, and will they be crushed by medical bills.

You were considering
, last month—it was last month already, in March—reopening the exchanges. There has been a determination not to do that. Could you tell us what the rationale was behind that decision and what—what do you have as an alternative?
For basic background to this question, you can just click here. Sample:

"The option to reopen markets, in what is known as a special enrollment period, would have made it easier for people who have recently lost jobs or who had already been uninsured to obtain health insurance."

People who are losing their jobs could obtain health insurance! The commander had decided not to adopt that policy.

Now, John Roberts was asking why. This was Trump's response:
TRUMP (continuing directly): I’ll tell you—Mike?

Okay. They took that up under the task force, and maybe, Mike, you want to say a few word about this—words about that?
Skillfully delegating, the commander threw to Pence. As seen above, the leader tends to save his own words for matters of major importance.

Vice President Pence made his way to the mike. He set sail as shown:
PENCE (continuing directly): Well, thank you, Mr. President. And what I can tell you is that the president has made a priority, from the outset of our task force work, to make sure every American knows that they can have a coronavirus and they don’t have to worry about the cost.

We were very inspired as well, because of the president’s engagement with the leading health insurance companies
in the country that now—so far, two of the top health insurance companies in America have announced that they’re not only willing to waive co-pays on testing, and now testing is fully covered because of the bill the president signed for every American.
According to Pence, everyone is now covered for the cost of testing (if they're able to get it). There had been some other "very inspiring" stuff. So far, though, Pence hadn't said anything about the question Roberts asked.

This is thoroughly normal behavior at these highly informative briefings. But for some reason, Roberts had a bug up his ascot this day. For that reason, the big hunk said this:
"But what about people who don’t have insurance?"
Oh yeah! The question Roberts had asked concerned people who don't have insurance! Thus refreshed, Vice President Pence set sail again, this time at major length:
PENCE (continuing directly): But also, that these two insurance companies have waived co-pays on all coronavirus treatment. And I can assure you that as Congress and the president and the administration begin to discuss the next piece of legislation, we’re going to make sure that Americans have those costs compensated and covered.

Our priority right now is ensuring that every American takes the “30 Days to Slow the Spread” to heart. The best thing we can do for one another, for our family’s health, for the most vulnerable among us, is practice those mitigation strategies that the president outlined yesterday for the next 30 days.

We’re dealing with testing to make sure that every American can have a test that needs one. We’re dealing—we’re dealing with supplies, and we’re making great progress in building personal protective equipment and ensuring that ventilators are available, particularly for the communities most impacted.

But the American people can be confident that as we move into this, we’re going to make sure that our healthcare workers are properly compensated for their extraordinary and courageous work. And we’ll make sure that the financial burden on those who end up contracting the coronavirus and dealing with its most serious symptoms also can deal with those issues and deal with those costs.
Once again, it was inspiring stuff. But in this second bite at the apple, Pence dealt with mitigation and testing and ventilators and the courage of our health care workers.

He didn't seal with Roberts' question. Danged if the fellow from Fox didn't haul off and do it again!
ROBERTS (continuing directly): Understood, Mr. Vice President. But there will be people who don’t have insurance who get sick before any of these mitigation efforts are put into place. And without opening the healthcare exchanges, where can they find insurance? The people who aren’t insured by these companies that are covering the cost of the co-pay, where can people go now to get health insurance if they get sick—before they're sick?
Simply put, this sort of thing is never done. It simply isn't part of our floundering nation's scattershot, low-comprehension press culture.

Like a Westworld refugee, Roberts was breaking the rules. In the face of this malfunction, Pence displayed the professionalism the commander in chief would soon praise:
PENCE (continuing directly): Well, all across America, we have Medicaid for underprivileged Americans. And at the president’s direction, the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services has given unprecedented waivers for states to expand coverage for coronavirus testing and treatment.

We’ve also extended waivers for Medicare administration to make sure that people have access to that coverage. But we’re going to continue to bring opportunities to the president. The traditional systems of Medicaid, in particular, for the uninsured in America—
At this point, the malfunctioning Fox machine broke in on the speaker again! Initially, he almost allowed himself to be misdirected. But then, he got himself back on track, and actual sparring ensued:
ROBERTS (continuing directly): Could you expand that to cover middle-class people?

PENCE: Well, the—I think what we’re seeing health insurance companies do today, John, is really inspiring. I mean, one of the things—

ROBERTS: But, again, Mr. Vice President—

PENCE: One of the things that’s characterized—

ROBERTS: I’m sorry to belabor a point, but that’s for people who

PENCE: —the president’s approach here—

ROBERTS: That’s for people who already have insurance.
He was sorry to belabor the point; doing so is an offense to the culture. But Trump's designee kept discussing people who already have insurance. Roberts' question concerned those people who don't.

From there, Pence delivered one more peroration. He again discussed the inspiring conduct of American business under the president's leadership.

(Sample: "As the president said many times, we’re, we’re inspired by the spirit of American businesses...And, frankly, because of that, that patriotic and compassionate spirit that’s being reflected, we’ve already seen two of the largest insurance companies in the country announce that they’re going to be providing full coverage, free of charge, for coronavirus treatment.")

Pence was back to the way (two) insurance companies were providing free coverage. Were providing free coverage for those who are already insured!

This had gone on, and on and on, for a very long time now. Roberts' behavior had been very odd, but Vice President Pence hadn't lost his temper, the way Roberts hoped he would.

Roberts had broken every rule in prevailing upper-end press corps culture! At this point, the Dearest Leader of all stepped in with his wise assessment.

Th wisest and dearest of all known leaders praised the vice president's work. He chuckled as he did so, with Pence's face growing tight:
TRUMP: John, I think this: I think it’s a very fair question though, and it’s something we’re really going to look at because it doesn’t seem fair. If you have it, you have a big advantage. And at certain income level you do.

I think it’s one of the greatest answers I’ve ever heard, because Mike was able to speak for five minutes and not even touch your question.

So I said—I said, that’s what you call a great professional.

But let me just tell you, you really are—it’s really a fair question and it’s something we’re looking at.
Dear Leader wisely stopped the exchange. In his assessment, Vice President Pence had given "one of the greatest answers [the commander had] ever heard."

Pence had been able to speak for five minutes without even touching the question! "That’s what you call a great professional," our cable-anointed dispenser of important information now said.

The cable nets air these briefings in prime time so we can be thus served. We get to learn about the way the nation's governors treat the commander. If one of the machines malfunctions, we get to see our great professionals keep such bad conduct in check.

The people who run the cable networks air these marathons in prime time. As a matter of anthropology, the sessions are highly instructive.

Something somewhat similar:
In our view, something somewhat similar happened at Tuesday's briefing. As we noted in this post, one of the supporting players had asked a sensible question:
QUESTION (3/31/20): Can I just ask a follow up testing question, real quick, before we move on?

So the testing numbers—I understand a million tests [have been] done; it’s a big increase. But we were told there would be 27 million tests available by the end of the month.

So can you outline where in the supply chain, where in the logistics chain, are those other 26?
Where are the 26 million missing tests?

In our view, it could have been the start of a wonderful discussion! While saying she wanted to be "real quick," the reporter had asked a fairly good question.

Once again, the commander threw to Pence. Once again Pence staged an oration. He started with these fateful words:

"Just for clarification..."

To our ear, the clarification which followed was deeply obscure. Beyond that, it wandered away from the obvious gist of the question, in which the reporter suggested that the administration has made an array of "promises, promises" which they haven't come close to keeping.

Pence's response was deeply obscure. It led us away from the gist of the question. But to our ear, the reporter didn't behave like Roberts.

To our ear, she bought into the obscurification Pence had delivered. The exchange was over "real quick."

Cable suits air this mess in prime time. When they do, we learn about the present state of the species.


  1. "But Trump's designee kept discussing people who already have insurance. Roberts' question concerned those people who don't."

    What's so confusing for you, dear Bob, in Our Beloved Commander's Second in Command answer? Those who have money should buy insurance, and those who don't, they should apply for Medicaid.

    Are you deliberately making yourself confused to produce more Orange Man Bad dembottery? Tsk. Sure, why not. Anything to service the zombie cult. Right, Bob?

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  2. "He gives them ten times what they want. Then they go out and trash him!

    This is important information; the people need to know this. The cable suits keep these marathon shows on the air in prime time to serve this key public interest."

    No, the cable news shows broadcast Trump because he is the president in the midst of a global crisis.

    I think that if the president is trashing governors, it is a good thing for the people to know about it. Trump is only concerned with himself, but viewers are concerned about how their governor is being treated, and why there aren't enough ventilators.

  3. Very good summary of the shitstain Donald J Chickenshit, Acting President, latest abomination.

    But you missed the best piece of information we learned yesterday from the Supreme Czar of All Things, Jared the Omnipotent.

    "The notion of the federal stockpile was it's supposed to be our stockpile. It's not supposed to be states' stockpiles that they then use."

    You can't fucking make it up.

  4. When someone asks a direct questions and a politician then dances around the answer, it is clear already that the reporter is not going to get a good answer to his or her question. Why waste time trying to pin the politician down, unless you have a motive for showing that the politician cannot answer it?

    Roberts wanted to embarrass Pence and Trump over their refusal to reopen ACA enrollment during the pandemic. The obfuscation was their attempt to avoid that embarrassment. Pursuing that point has no other purpose, since the first answer shows that the politician is not going to give a meaningful response.

    Why didn't they reopen enrollment? It could be because COBRA already exists for those who have lost a job with insurance. Medicaid exists for those who are poor (or who have become poor through job loss), and was widened according to Pence. Other impacts were yet to be addressed, but would be, according to Pence.

    If the actual reason is that Trump hates ACA and wants it to fail and thus doesn't want to reopen enrollment. And Trump has no other alternative, because the Republicans couldn't come up with one. Don't we already know that? Is there anyone who follows politics who doesn't know how the Republicans feel about ACA?

    So what new fact was gained by this interrogation? And what is the value of wasting time at a briefing eliciting the same info that everyone already knows? Why is this the pinnacle of journalism that Somerby thinks all reporters should be engaging in?

    1. Oof Corby, you really muffed it here, this was a rare good post by Bob.

    2. It could be because COBRA already exists for those who have lost a job with insurance.

      What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you understand people who elect to take COBRA have to pay 100% of the cost, whereas the employee pays a fraction of that. Really, what the living fuck is wrong with you?

    3. Cobra allows former employees to keep their insurance plan for a time, but they have to pay both their portion of the premium and the portion that had been paid by their former employer.

      That’s not feasible for most families. The administration has had a lot of input into this, most of it involving buttressing the ACA.

      This is a good piece from a couple of weeks back:

    4. Obama's neoliberalism was horrible, but he did see fit to reduce COBRA to make it affordable to those who lost their job during the last Republican economic disaster, something Trump refuses to do.

    5. mm, I think it will come out in the wash.

      I’m not sure that anything flying from you will though.

    6. Cecelia you always sound triggered, as delicate as your sensibilities are, and as limited as some of your other abilities, you should consider sitting this one out.

    7. Yeah, it’ll come out in the wash. A few, maybe a lot, will get sick and/or die, or go broke without insurance, but, hey, chill: it’ll just magically come out in the wash.

    8. Anonymouse2:39pm, I have a name that appears here in green. You don’t have to read anything under that name because you know I wrote it.

      Please consider giving everyone else that same option by getting a nym.

    9. Do not be fooled, the article Cecelia references makes it clear the administration has had no input into COBRA or any other healthcare feasibility issue, and has done nothing to buttress the ACA.

      The article prescribes things the author thinks the administration should do but has not done. Additionally those prescriptions are advised as a way to shield off attacks of the current system that would suggest a universal single-payer system would be much more effectual and, frankly, moral.

    10. Be very clear about this, the shitstain Trump is still at this very moment fighting in court to have the entire ACA abolished. Extend enrollment? Pshaw!!!

      Cec, "why don't they eat cake"?

    11. Anonymous2:59pm, I said that the Trump Administration has had plenty of input. I said most it involved doing what they are reluctant to do. I mentioned that because Trump’s recent action with the ACA was referenced here several times.

      I showed an article that I found compelling suggesting just that. I said it was a good piece.

      I did not say that the Trump team was entertaining any of it,

    12. mm, I’m not saying that. I linked to an article that explicitly does suggest a revamp of the ACA.

      They will address this because they’ll have to. And they’ll have to do it via an ACA type program even if they call it the BFD.

    13. Cecelia's boots were made for back walking.

  5. It is a feeble effort to have only two companies only waive co-pays. That is not free coverage, a patient still has to cover a typically very high deductible.

    As Katie Porter pointed out, free testing was already available in the CDC mandate. Even so, it is still difficult to get free testing, it is still difficult to get testing at all.

    If you do not qualify for Medicaid, but do not have insurance, you can not get affordable insurance now because you have to wait for the enrollment period.

    1. So...stay home and stay safe.

      The point of insurance is to share the risk. Insurance companies would go broke if they permitted everyone to buy into the insurance after the disaster has struck (as it has). They won't let an old person buy life insurance when they are in hospice either. And they won't make auto insurance retroactive, if you buy it after a car accident. The point of an enrollment period is to prevent these opportunistic purchases and to keep insurance companies in business. Insurance is not a bailout for those who are sick and cannot afford their health care costs.

      I agree that health care should be covered by the government and available to all. But we don't have that kind of system and it will bankrupt insurance companies to exceed their reserves, and that is most likely the argument that was used to prevent reopening enrollment in the exchanges.

    2. The point of insurance companies is to make a profit, they will not go broke, the government will bail them out and they will raise their rates.

      Some insurance does in fact work retroactively, including some auto insurance plans; however, you will suffer a rate increase. Currently health insurance can not deny you coverage due to a preexisting condition.

      Some states are reopening enrollment.

    3. The professor is right here: Reopening enrollment destroys the model of pooled risk that they use. It's likely moot as the Trumpandemic has invalidated all the parameters they used to run the model.

      Auto insurance companies may raise your premiums after you file a successful claim, but you still can't get coverage for accidents you had before you enrolled.

    4. According to this, insurers themselves were calling for opening Obamacare enrollment:

      “This decision defied calls by health insurers and Democrats to create a special sign-up window amid the COVID-19 health crisis and the administration instead said that they were “exploring other options.” “

    5. Some states are reopening enrollment. It does not necessarily lead to funding issues, it depends on many variables. Having said that, health insurance companies going bankrupt sounds just fine.

      Some auto insurance companies will, in certain circumstances, work retroactively.

      Nothing is written in stone, except for things literally written in stone.

  6. Not a bad takedown of the shitshow.

    It’s about three years too late, I’d say, years that Somerby spent downplaying stories about Trump’s racism, corruption, treason. (Anyone remember his classic greatest hits “why, anyone would’ve taken dirt from the Russians! It’s just like what Hillary did!”, or “Trump was crystal clear that he wasn’t praising Nazis!”, or “Pshaw! The US has always used Prestwick Airport!”, or “It sure sounds to me as if they were spying on the Trump campaign”, and how can we forget “Ukraine meddled in our election, depending on how you define meddling!”)

    But, credit where credit is due.

  7. "To our ear, the clarification which followed was deeply obscure. Beyond that, it wandered away from the obvious gist of the question, in which the reporter suggested that the administration has made an array of "promises, promises" which they haven't come close to keeping."

    If the question is "why do you keep making promises that you cannot and do not keep?" then that is what the reporter should ask. If you instead ask "where are the other 26 million missing tests?" then you are begging for the kind of "obfuscation" you get as someone tries to explain the complexities of supply and demand during a pandemic, details that confuse instead of explaining much.

    But reporters too are cloaking their questions in obfuscating detail because they don't want to appear too partisan or too hostile or too hard on the president (attacking instead of genuinely curious). Obfuscation serves both sides because dialogs serve multiple purposes besides simply conveying information. Somerby acts as if he were unaware of those ulterior motives on both the part of the reporters and the president and his minions.

  8. “John Roberts, he of Fox News, asked a very good question, then refused to accept the response. “

    Roberts *was allowed to refuse to accept the response.*

    Trump spent a lot of time indulging Roberts, because Roberts works for Fox News. Trump even said this to Roberts in the face of his persistent non-softball questions:

    “THE PRESIDENT:  What?  Are you working for CNN?”

    Kudos to Roberts, but this illustrates the problem that Somerby doesn’t acknowledge: Trump controls those briefings, and he will indulge what he sees as a friendly reporter, and will cut off or refuse to call on others.

    Trump and Pence get to answer how they please, and whom they please, and no amount of follow up or prodding from journalists is going to change that.

    1. Trump didn’t only call on Roberts. One reporter who stood out snarked him about being the president and so being able to be tested for the virus.

      Trump and Pence are going to answer “how they please” in any exchange with the press. The mitigating factor is that people see it and hear it and make their own judgments.

      You can argue that die-hard supporters will still support him, but does that hold for people in Michigan, Wisconsin, other states where life wasn’t easy a year ago?

      The problem that generates this passionate insistence that these briefings not be aired, is that people might NOT gauge it all to be a “shitshow”. They might approach it differently from you. Or me. The dumb bunnies might not be as critical as commenters here and oh, my goodness, certainly not as smart. You should let them hear anyway. Let them hear it ripped apart by news people afterwards. Let them hear it. Sorry, bro.

      Somerby’s approach to The Others is so noblesse oblige, it flabbergasts me how offensive his fellow liberals here still manage to find it. But then I don’t know why his on-the-money opinions of the media rile liberals either.

    2. I think Somerby is right when he implies that the Dems have lost a lot of support from the “white working class” (if that’s what he means by “Others”) and that they should try to regain it.

      But he doesn’t seem to respect their decisions. He tells liberals to ask The Others why they voted for Trump, but then assumes the answer is “Because liberals were mean and called them racists.” That may factor in, but he acts as if there is no positive reason that they could put forward for voting for Trump. In other words, their voting habits are dictated by liberals. It implies that The Others have no agency. I think that’s a mistake. Somerby apparently dislikes Trump, and thus can’t see any reason why “they” would vote for him other than that liberals have failed.

      So, it’s both patronizing/condescending, and it treats them as if they aren’t responsible for their choices.

      Not sure if that’s precisely what you meant, but it’s what I’ve always thought.

    3. You have it about right Cecelia, politicians and celebrities can get tested, the rest of, not so much.

      The rest is utter nonsense. Trump is using the conferences as a rally for his campaign. Marketing exists because it is a powerful tool to misinform and manipulate the public. Somerby is not part of any nobility, a concept that no longer exists. His approach to The Others is intended to gaslight his liberal readers, borne from frustration at not having influence. The Democratic Party, particularly the progressive wing, is the only organization with legislative power to promote policies of social responsibility, not just for Dems, but, crucially, on a universal scale.

      The doc on marketing pioneer Edward Bernays is elucidating.

      The Century of the Self

    4. I’ll look at the link, 3:25pm. Thanks.

    5. mh, I think that TDH is tolerant of people in general, but not tolerant of individuals in particular.

      I’ll try to get clear on that and express it better.

      Thank you for your articulate observations.

    6. "...politicians and celebrities can get tested, the rest of, not so much."

      Dembot, if you're so eager to experience it, you can always ask your mother to stick a swab up your nose.

    7. And if you want to see where Mao gets the nonsense he spews, stick a periscope up his ass.

  9. “Vice President Pence hadn't lost his temper, the way Roberts hoped he would.”

    I took it that Roberts was merely trying to get an answer to his question, and since I don’t have access to the inner workings of Roberts’ mind that would allow me to know his hopes, I will leave it at that.

  10. TDH says that Trump is mentally ill, and thus the press shouldn’t accuse him of lying, but at the same TDH called him a master of disinformation.

    And yet, oddly, Somerby continues to diss the press for not getting straight answers from him.

    Trump is amazing. Very Protean.

    I assume Pence is just dense.

  11. Why can't Trump just answer the question?

  12. A lot of testing sites aren't reporting their negative results. We don't know how many tests are being done.

    My niece in Portland OR had symptoms. She assured me that tests were not available. However, a couple of days later, she found a drive-thru test site, got tested and was negative.

    Moral - tests are more available than we think.

    1. I live in Portland, Oregon. An acquaintance of mine has the symptoms. She is told to stay home. So, I don't know where these mysterious drive-through sites are.

      A lot of site would be reporting their total test performed, as well as the number of positive results. Therefore: negative = total - positive. Solved it for you.

    2. Ilya - In the past, various diseases were required to be reported to the CDC. But the CDC never required negative tests to be reported. So, test sites need to change their procedures to report total tests as well as positive tests.

    3. I know several people who have symptoms but have been denied tests. Testing availability is severely inadequate.

      It is being report that as much as 30% of the test result are false negatives.

  13. Mike Pence's poor answer was 2 days ago. The Administration finally got it straightened out today. Uninsured people will get covid 19 treatment for free. The government will reimburse the hospitals at the Medicare rate.

    It sounds to me as if the group of uninsured were initially overlooked by the Trump team. Thanks to that excellent question, the uninsured will be covered.

    One reporter today asked whether illegal immigrants would get the same benefit. That question was not answered.

    1. If uninsured do get free treatment for Covid-19, that is a good thing. It begs an obvious question.

      The insured are still getting screwed on Covid-19.

  14. I love Trump. Unemployment was down before the COVID-19 crisis.

    1. They say the drop in unemployment started before he came into office. And for what it's worth, these newly created service jobs are miserable, unpredictable hours. It looks like he did nothing.

      What Do The New Jobs Actually Look Like?
      $16.58 an hour and the average worker works just 25.8 hours a week – resulting in average weekly income of $428. (Benefits like health insurance in the sector are small to nonexistent.)”

      During the final three years of Barack Obama's presidency, the number of jobs added was 1.5 million greater than the number added during President Donald Trump's first three years in office.


  15. I guess Bob has decided Trump, in an unspeakable disaster of his own making, is no longer mentally ill. And no longer has the ability to lie about conversations with others.

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