DIAGNOSING PRESIDENT TRUMP: Some mental health issues can be discussed!


Others, quite plainly, cannot:
Two days ago, we posted part of Maureen Dowd's New York Times column from Sunday, March 8.

We think it's worth posting again. We'll show you a slightly larger chunk of the passage in question the time.

In the passage down below, Dowd is helping to reinforce a cultural no-go zone. By the end, she seems to charge Democrats with a crime which plainly doesn't exist:
DOWD (3/7/20): Republicans have made something of a specialty of challenging opponents’ cognitive capacity.

W.’s forces fought John McCain in the Republican primary by whispering that the war hero had snakes in his head from his years of torture.

Lee Atwater infamously said a Democrat running for Congress in 1980, who had received electroshock therapy in his youth for depression, had been “hooked up to jumper cables.”

Even Ronald Reagan got in on the act when he called Michael Dukakis, who was running against his vice president, “an invalid,” echoing baseless rumors spread by followers of Lyndon LaRouche that Dukakis had had psychiatric treatment.

Democrats can resort to this sort of sniping, too.
Many Trump critics in 2016, and in the year after his election, pushed the idea that his father had suffered from Alzheimer’s and now Trump was losing it and that his vocabulary was eroding.

And it has become common among his attackers to say the president is deranged, suffering from malignant narcissism.
Online, Dowd links to no Democrat suggesting that President Trump suffers from Alzheimer's. She links to no one, and certainly to no Democrat, saying that Trump is "suffering from malignant narcissism."

Granted, Dowd doesn't directly say that "Democrats" have offered the latter diagnosis, but the suggestion seems to be floated. Meanwhile, any such assessment of President Trump is pre-defined as "sniping"—as the sort of (irresponsible) thing Republicans have tended to do.

We know of no Democratic Party office-holder or official who has ever said or suggested that President Trump is suffering from malignant narcissism.

Just last night, on The Last Word, Fintan O'Toole offered that direct assessment of Trump as ge spoke with Lawrence O'Donnell. But O'Toole is an Irish journalist and intellectual, not a "Democrat," and it's extremely rare to hear such assessments within our public discourse at all.

In 2017, Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee tried to start such a public discussion of Trump's psychiatric state. In January 2018, Dowd's newspaper penned this editorial, shutting such discussion down.

On April 6 of this very year, Jennifer Senior published an op-ed column in the Times suggesting that Trump suffers from "narcissistic personality disorder." ("Malignant narcissism" is a somewhat more alarming offshoot of this condition.)

Senior's highly constructive column generated zero discussion. Within our upper-end public discourse, such discussions have long constituted an obvious no-go zone.

Very few high-end journalists are willing to initiate a public discussion of a president's psychiatric or cognitive state. Such discussions are so rare that our intellectual infrastructure gives us little way to evaluate or understand such discussions even when they may occur.

In some ways, this is odd. Discussion of various mental health issues are quite common within our discourse. Consider a news report from Kashmir in Monday's New York Times.

In print editions, the news report was blurbed on page A3. Indeed, it topped the daily Of Interest feature:
Of Interest

In Kashmir, nearly half of all adults are estimated to have some form of mental illness, according to a 2015 survey conducted by Doctors Without Borders.

Kashmir, Under Siege and Lockdown, Faces a Mental Health Crisis. A18.
So said the blurb on page A3. On page A18, the report described the effects of Kashmir's coronavirus lockdown, piled on top of years of conflict with Indian military forces.

Are half of all adult Kashmiris suffering from some form of mental illness? We have no way of knowing, but the detailed report by Sameer Yasir described various types of mental health issues:
YASIR (4/27/20): Eight months after India revoked Kashmir’s semiautonomous status and brought the region fully under its authority, doctors here say a state of hopelessness has morphed into a severe psychological crisis. Mental health workers say Kashmir is witnessing an alarming increase in instances of depression, anxiety and psychotic events.

Hard data is difficult to come by, but local medical professionals say they are seeing a rise in suicides and an increase in already disturbingly high rates of domestic abuse.


Even before the events of recent months, decades of violence between Indian security forces and Kashmiri militants had taken a physical and mental toll on the region and its people. Nearly 1.8 million Kashmiris, or nearly half of all adults, have some form of mental disorder, Doctors Without Borders estimated after surveying 5,600 households in 2015. Nine of 10 have experienced conflict-related traumas. The figures are much higher than in India, according to other surveys.

A leading psychiatrist said he was overwhelmed. Dr. Majid Shafi, a government psychiatrist, said that last year he saw a hundred patients a week. Now he sees more than 500.
Is "some form of mental disorder" the same thing as "some form of mental illness?" We don't know, but Yasir's report describes depression, anxiety and psychotic events, along with suicides and "conflict-related trauma."

It wasn't always so, but these types of mental health events are now widely discussed within our mainstream culture. For example, it's routine to speak, with sympathy, of the conflict-related trauma which may be experienced, in later years, by American soldiers who have returned from service in brutal wars.

What was once whispered about as "shell shock" is now discussed sympathetically, and in clinical terms, as a form of trauma.

Our culture has advanced in this way, but talking about the psychiatric or cognitive state of our highest leaders is still largely verboten. Unless, for example, you're Maureen Dowd in November 2016, saying on CBS Sunday Morning that Trump "is a classic clinical narcissist," a person who's "missing empathy."

Yes, that's what she said, back then; you can watch the tape here. Within the higher ends of our punditry, no-go zones will sometimes come and go.

Is Trump a "clinical narcissist?" Does he suffer from "narcissistic personality disorder," as Senior suggested in her recent column?

Is he a "malignant narcissist," the assessment offered by Dr. John Gartner in this recent interview with Salon? Within our upper-end culture, such suggestions will occasionally appear, but no discussion will ensue—and truth to tell, we the people wouldn't likely be well equipped to follow any such discussion.

Within our less than fully impressive journalistic and intellectual culture, we discuss certain kinds of mental health issues all the time. Others don't get discussed at all. Consider a basic question:

Was Adolf Hitler mentally ill? How about Joseph Stalin? How about the many others who established the last century's killing fields?

Were those people mentally ill? And what exactly would such an assessment mean?

We would assume that such discussions have occurred within the publishing world and within the academy. Such discussions rarely occur in high-end popular culture.

Nor do we tend to discuss the nature of the more severe "personality disorders," including the nature of sociopathy ("antisocial personality disorder").

When we think of "sociopaths," we tend to think of thrilling Hollywood versions of same—of the Hannibal Lecters. Our discourse offers us little way to understand such puzzling facts as these, as summarized for Psychology Today:
EDDY (4/30/18): In 1994, the fourth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was published (the DSM-IV). It stated that estimates of the prevalence of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) were “less than 1% in the general population.” Regarding sociopaths (the DSM uses the equivalent term Antisocial Personality Disorder or ASPD), it said that overall prevalence “in community samples is about 3% in males and 1% in females.”

Between 2001 and 2005, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded the largest study ever done regarding the prevalence of personality disorders in the United States.
Structured interviews were done with approximately 35,000 people who were randomly selected to be representative of the U.S. adult population in a variety of ways including age, income, gender and region. This study found that 6.2% of the general population would meet the criteria for NPD3 and 3.7% would meet the criteria for ASPD (5.5% male and 1.9% female).
Say what? Anywhere from 3 to 5.5 percent of American males could be diagnosed as sociopaths?

If that is true, is there any chance that President Trump isn't a sociopath? But what can such statistics possibly mean? How do such statistics coexist with our limited conceptual infrastructure, within which a "sociopath" is someone like Hannibal Lecter, or possibly Freddy Krueger?

Not too long ago, the traumas of war weren't discussed in the way they are today. Right on through the present day, the discussion of sexual assault still constitutes a type of no-go zone—and our ability to discuss that once forbidden topic is moving ahead very slowly.

The mental health of our sitting presidents is a bit like sexual assault was in the recent past. Well-behaved upper-end journalists will know that they mustn't go there.

This may leave us poorly armed to discuss the behavior of President Trump. Dr. Gartner and Dr. Lee say he's very dangerous—and when they do, the New York Times says this can't be discussed.

The president is now behind in the polls. Ask yourself a simple question:

Would this president leave office gracefully? Given the powers at his disposal, should such things be discussed?

Tomorrow: One last fairly recent description


  1. "Online, Dowd links to no Democrat..."

    Does Dowd ever link to anybody about anything? She is writing an opinion piece, one based on stylistic humor (e.g., sniping, sarcasm, snark), not facts.

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  2. "In 2017, Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee tried to start such a public discussion of Trump's psychiatric state. "

    Actually, she wrote a book that she no doubt hoped would sell a bunch of copies. If you are trying to start a discussion of something, there are better albeit less lucrative ways to do that.

  3. "Within our upper-end public discourse, such discussions have long constituted an obvious no-go zone."

    I play a lot of duplicate bridge. In bridge, it is against the formal laws of bridge to call anyone else a cheater, even though there is flagrant cheating at both the higher and lower levels of the game. You cannot make such an accusation in public, at the table. What do you do if you suspect cheating? You tell a tournament director, they investigate quietly, behind the scenes (bringing in experts, using videos if available), there is an inquiry and someone may or may not be thrown out of the game.

    So, there is a right way to pursue accusations and a wrong way. The wrong way is nearly always to make a public accusation, but that is what Lee, Senior and Somerby all seem to be calling for.

    Cheating is excluded by the laws of bridge. Is there anything in our constitution that says a person with mental illness cannot be a public servant? These days, medication allows people to lead normal lives with any number of diagnoses. Why is there an assumption that if Trump were mentally ill, it would preclude his presidency (or anyone else's)?

    An accusation would lead to that question (in a just world), so perhaps people don't want to go THERE because it would make the whispering campaigns ineffective to point out to the public that mental illness is just another chronic condition and that mentally ill people are people with voting rights and the constitutional right to run for office if they want. I'll bet the supreme court would say that too.

    So where would that leave Somerby, Senior, Lee and Dowd? Nowhere, in my opinion.

  4. Is a disorder a mental illness? Here is what Wikipedia says: "A mental disorder, also called a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, is a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning. Such features may be persistent, relapsing and remitting, or occur as a single episode."

    That just doesn't fit Trump. You might not like his actions as president, but he is functioning in that role. And he doesn't seem to be distressed (as is true of many people with such disorders) nor does he seem to be distressing the Republicans who surround him. So he fails the diagnostic criteria, even for a disorder (much less mental illness).

    There is a problem when you intermix technical terms with everyday language. If you were a psychiatrist or psychologist, you could say "personality disorder" and everyone would know what you meant, because it is a technical term. Not so when Somerby uses the words.

    Somerby talks about "malignant narcissism" as if that were a technical term. It isn't an actual diagnosis, but here is what is said about it:

    "Malignant narcissism refers to a specific, less common manifestation of narcissistic personality disorder. Some experts consider this presentation of narcissism the most severe subtype.

    It isn’t recognized as a formal diagnosis in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). But many psychologists and mental health experts have used this term to describe a specific set of personality traits.

    According to Campbell’s Psychiatric Dictionary, malignant narcissism combines characteristics of:

    narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)
    antisocial personality disorder (APD)
    aggression and sadism, either toward others, self, or both

    Without such a definition, the term malignant just makes it sound like an extreme version of narcissism (a really really bad case or a virulent one), but it is actually a comorbidity of several different disorders.

    Again, this term is being used against Trump without any actual professional assessment and it is doubtful he would meet diagnostic criteria there either. For example, does anyone believe that Trump tortured animals or set fires as a child? Not even the worst anti-Trump books claim that but it is listed as part of the diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder. If you start picking and choosing among the checklist items, you get farther from a well-fitting diagnosis.

    Then Somerby says that the incidence of anti-social personality disorder among males is 3 to 5.5% and asks: "If that is true, is there any chance that President Trump isn't a sociopath?" The answer is yes, there is a 97 to 94.5% chance that Trump doesn't have ASPD. He is way more likely NOT to be one, than to have that disorder. Such statistics are in the absence of any other information (such as symptoms) and would change if someone were to actually examine the guy.

    Somerby suggests that if we abandon the idea that Hannibal Lecter is a typical sociopath, then we can accept the idea that Trump may be one. Not so. If Trump is a sociopath on that basis, so is Somerby and every other male. So this argument is silly.

    But what is Somerby's next step? If Trump is successfully labeled, will there be an constitutional change that prohibits sociopaths from running for office? Will everyone in elected office have to pass a psychological screening test? Will their medical results be part of their campaign materials? Might this not gain an endorsement from NAMI? Will there be an effort to prove that sociopaths are more likely to be Republicans than Democrats (which I think may actually be true)? Will anyone care? What is the point of this?

    1. Excellent comments, Corby. Happy to know that you're a duplicate bridge player.

    2. Uh, oh, professor. This commentariat's Village Idiot has approved of what you've written. That's a warning sign.

  5. He's irrepressible, vain, obsessive and indifferent, but that's not being a sociopath. In rare instances he shows compassion to others. He just has a lot in his personality working against it.

    1. 20 paragraphs of pseudoscience above and this summary nails it in three sentences.

    2. Now ask 11:53 how to treat and cure Trump. You'll find out what his summary is worth.

    3. "irrepressible"


      Let's see, so far he's killed approximately 62000 Americans, drove the economy off a cliff, put 30000000 Americans out of work in the past six weeks, and is staring into the abyss of a depression.

      So, what does irrepressible DT have on his mind today? Attacking Don Lemon and attacking his FBI and defending confessed felon Michael Flynn.

  6. Whatever personality lets you make billions, attract beautiful women and win the most powerful job in the most powerful country, I want some of it.

    In that order not the other way around of being elected and then becoming wealthy like Bill, Hillary, and Barack. Stealing and grifting is easy.

    1. You think Trump doesn't steal and grift (before and after becoming president)?

    2. Would you take billions if it meant partaking in immoral behavior? Or would you only reach those heights by acting morally at all times? Just wondering if you include morality in your desires. Not meant as a partisan statement or judgement. Just wondering.

    3. I believe in acting morally and try to do so. I do not believe that accumulating money is a good reason to abandon morality (or bend it to get rich). I do not respect people who do that. I have no idea how common my values are. I left a job in business in order to go to education where it is easier to live a moral life and still support yourself. Many people are more self-sacrificing than I am, and many are not.

    4. Why would attracting beautiful women be hard? That's easy if you are man. Are you a boy 12:34? What's the matter that you can't attract beautiful women? Its simple. It's a numbers game. So many of these young gamers are addicted to porn and can hardly approach even one beautiful woman. It's sad.

    5. No one knows how much money he has. But, let's assume that Trump has a billion dollars; how did he end up with a billion? He started with two.

      Conning and grifting is a succinct description of Trump's life as we know it. You can toss sexual assault into the mix as well.

    6. For Trump the personality traits for gaining wealth women and power are not willingness to engage in corruption but ambition and charm.

      Help from his father helped with the wealth but the rest is on his own steam. That ambition and energy and charisma in the personality is what I wish I had as much of.

    7. Trump's talents are going bankrupt and colluding with Russian oligarchs to launder money. He cannot attract a normal woman so he buys them (by owning an escort service featuring Eastern European immigrants) or buys a beauty pageant so he can walk in on underage girls who remind him of his daughter. His charm is so great that he was shunned by the other wealthy people of Manhattan and had to pal around with gangsters. You don't want to be like him because he is a lonely old man who runs from the truth of his life.

    8. He was such a brilliant business man that he was reduced to acting in a reality tv show and can't borrow a plug nickel in his hometown, the financial capitol of the world. And after promising repeatedly to release his tax returns he has now taken it all the way up to the Supreme Court in order to prevent the citizens of this country from seeing them.

      My god, some people are so gullible.

    9. He was such a brilliant business man that he was also wildly successful in a TV show, as well as succeeding in business. And he was also wildly successful in politics, too.

    10. Reduced to a reality TV show? Is there anybody who doesn't think that was Trump's favorite thing he's ever done?

    11. Winning an election doesn't count when the Russians help you do it.

    12. What does being a clown actor on a heavily produced reality tv show have to do with his business? One thing at least he couldn't bankrupt the network, eh?

    13. What does being a clown actor on a heavily produced reality tv show have to do with his business?

      Nothing. That's why it's so impressive that he succeeded at both.

    14. Assuming facts not in evidence, David. He rents the use of his name. that's his business. Laundering money for the Russian mob is not my idea of a smart businessman. Being laughed out of NYC banks is not being a smart business man. Let's see his tax returns. As far as the reality show, he was a prop. This impresses you? I never was moved to watch the fucking idiotic show, not once. What the fuck is the matter with you?

    15. Like all Right-wingers, David knows nothing about basic mathematics.

    16. David in Cal,
      Of Trump's bankruptcies, which is your favorite and why?

    17. David is being sarcastic. Like Trump was when he opined about people injecting Lysol into their veins to kill a virus.

      You can practically see the sarcasm dripping off David's praise for Trump's business success, knowing that Trump was such a loser businessman he had to be bailed out by laundering the money of felons through his real estate deals.

    18. mm - we saw one of Trump's old tax returns. It was leaked some years back, remember? He had plenty of income on that return.

    19. If there's one person you can't trust in this life, it's millionaires' kids.

    20. 2:05 I would be careful what you wish for and first and foremost always be honest and moral

    21. David, he was a highly immoral businessman that lied to and fleeced investors and customers.

      But I know morals and immoral behavior don't concern you. You're all about money. Money is your God. I get it. That's your choice.

      Not all people are full of avarice and willingly look the other way at immoral behavior though.

      That may be why some people will disagree with your assessments of success and what constitutes success.

    22. 6:49, so you voting for the rapist Democrat candidate?

    23. Probably. But I'm not going to defend him as a successful man. And I'm not going to covet his "success". Far from it. Isn't it wild we have a choice between two immoral rapists?

      I may have voted for Trump if he called for shelter in place on March 15th and had played this thing like a man and not an impotent, pathetic weasel.

      You need to stand firm in who you are. Money and beautiful women will come easy. Actually, it will be laid at your feet when develop the courage to do that. Coveting the success of a documented immoral con artist will bring you nothing but pain. Sorry, I know like him. I get it. And he has done some good things.

      David, tell me. When did Trump first order ventalators? What day? When was he warned by his own staff a major pandemic was coming? What day?

    24. 9:40, so has it stopped snowing in Smolensk?

    25. When you say "I'm probably voting for a rapist" you lose any credibility on the issue of moral character.

    26. That's a good, one 11:46 - a troll pontificating on credibility and morality.


    There is an essay in Lee’s book, by James Gilligan, entitled “The Issue Is Dangerousness, Not Mental Illness.”

    Lee, in her own essay, talks about assessing Trump’s “dangerousness”, rather than making a diagnosis:

    “Assessing dangerousness requires a different standard from diagnosing so as to formulate a course of treatment. Dangerousness is about the situation, not the individual; it is more about the effects and the degree of impairment than on the specific cause of illness...”

    That doesn’t prevent entries in the book about hedonism, pathological narcissism, sociopathy, Trump’s daddy issues, etc.

    So, whether Lee’s distinction makes total sense isn’t clear to me.

    But, Trump’s dangerousness can surely be assessed without attempting some psychological speculation.

    1. Yastreblansky talks about the possibility that Trump has a reading disability. He connects that to his lying and disregard for truth and his inability to learn from others. His early childhood failure may have resulted in his disrespect for authority figures and suspicion of expertise. None of that involves a mental illness or a personality disorder.

      I agree with mh that it is very dangerous to be unable to read a daily presidential briefing and unwilling to listen to advisors. And I think it is more likely that his reading deficits are more problematic than his narcissism.

      Trump has already shown that he is dangerous, with his readily observable behavior. No need to go further than that, in my opinion.

    2. If Trump is making his own gut decisions about closing the country to China, supporting the governors on temporary lockdowns, and phasing of reopening of the country, he's even better than I thought.

      I assumed he was relying on Fauci and the other experts.

    3. But he didn't do enough relying on experts because he ignored their warnings and wasted a month when he could have begun stockpiling equipment, working on tests and telling people to protect themselves (instead of telling them the virus was going away). He messed up because he didn't listen to others.

    4. A travel ban before the experts urged one, so many ventilators we're supplying the world, hospitals built for zero bed shortage, most testing in the world.

      Is there such a thing as doing TOO good a job?

    5. Travel restrictions didn't work well. All in all it was a horrible job. He told Americans not to worry about it March. Sorry. I know you like the guy and he is treated unfairly sometimes but that is an argument you'll never win.

    6. @6:02 - the media used to criticize Trump for the lack of ventilators. At a recent presser, a reporter accused Trump of getting too many ventilators. He can't win.

    7. Oh no. A reporter accused him?? Boohoo!

      I've never seen a president and his supporters so weak in the loins and thin-skinned. You seemed to be fueled entirely on grevience and whining like girls.

      Welcome to the big time buddy. Welcome to the Sword of Damocles. For God's sake man, man up.

    8. "He can't win."

      Tell it to Putin

    9. "He can't win."

      Not true. Didn't Trump recently win the "Snowflake of the Year" award for the way he handles the least bit of criticism?

  8. Democrats are the party of dirty cops and sexual assaulter presidential candidates. They need a come to Jesus moment. You might say a disinfecting.

    1. I agree that it won't be Biden. It's going to be a shit show because Bernie is the heir apparent.

    2. 12:52,
      It is hard to believe how few police officers are shot to death in this country. Are you blaming Democrats for that?

    3. In Trump's defense, he was way too stupid to realize he was being blackmailed by Putin until it was too late.

  9. “Senior's highly constructive column generated zero discussion. Within our upper-end public discourse, such discussions have long constituted an obvious no-go zone.”

    On the one hand, you have a right wing media, like Fox News, promoting and amplifying Trump’s latest brain wave, whether it’s touting miracle cures or praising himself and his response.

    Somerby best bud Tucker Carlson has gone from warning about the dangers of Coronavirus to downplaying them.

    On the other hand, you have journalists who are hesitant to engage in unprovable assertions about Trump’s mental state, even though Somerby keeps adding to the list of people “discussing” it: Senior, Lee, the Salon interview with Gartner, Dodes’ appearances on O’Donnell, Lee’s appearances on O’Donnell, O’Toole. He is not actually proving that there is a no-go zone here.

    At any rate, I don’t see a problem with their hesitation. I am uncomfortable with the idea that we let psychiatrists lead some kind of upper-end discussion/speculation about the mental states of our politicians. Where will that lead?

    “Mental illness” has often been stigmatized. I fear these kinds of diagnoses, coming from “experts”, will be used by unscrupulous people to silence opposition or sideline unwanted persons, or to further partisan ends.

    And by the way, will these so-called discussions, in the name of fairness, include psychiatrists who disagree with each other about the diagnosis, even to the extent of denying that mental illness is present?

  10. Isn’t it possible that people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder can be effective leaders?

    Perhaps it’s even possible that people with Antisocial Personality Disorder could be effective. Perhaps some traits of APD or NPD lead to success in business or politics.

    I just don’t see those things as automatically disqualifying for leadership, especially if the diagnosis is made from afar.

  11. "Would this president leave office gracefully? Given the powers at his disposal, should such things be discussed?"

    Ha-ha, good one, dear Bob. He'll resist by tweeting zombie FBI commandos to death.

    Remember the Old Psycho-Witch, how she was demanding that Our Beloved Commander should accept the defeat when she triumphs on 11/9/2016?

    And remember how she did NOT accept the defeat, spewing hateful mccarthyist drivel when instead Our Beloved Commander got elected?

    Why don't you look in the mirror, dear Bob, and stop projecting.

    1. Moo moooooo go suck your mother's clit

    2. Mao,
      Is that sarcasm?

    3. "We have lost the most dear and valued friend we had—our poor Bertie his second father! Dear, dear ... This last blow has quite crushed our poor dear Alice, who loved our beloved General with filial affection and she looks wretched. This poor ..."

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