WILLING ENABLERS: The sheer stupidity never ends!


Collins gets it right again:
It's hard to believe, but CNN's Kaitlan Collins got it right again!

She got it right, for the second straight day, at yesterday's prime-time "briefing." We can only hope that her somnolent colleagues are watching the way she comports herself at these daily campaign events.

As on Monday, so too yesterday—Collins kept refusing to accept non-answer answers from President Donald J. Trump. She persisted in a line of questioning, eventually drawing the same response she'd received on Monday:

"Enough," the commander once again said.

Collins' behavior is so unusual, and so appropriate, that attention ought to be paid. We plan to review yesterday's performance tomorrow, including the accurate account she later delivered to Anderson Cooper.

Today, let's focus on the blinding stupidity her colleagues, and her corporate managers, are strongly inclined to sleep through and enable.

How stupid does it get, on a daily basis, at these absurd daily briefings? Consider the long soliloquy in praise of himself which Trump delivered yesterday during his prepared remarks.

The president went on and on, at punishing length, concerning the greatness of the way he acquired ventilators for the nation's slacker governors.

This is one of his most frequently repeated tales. It ranks high on the list of the memorized tales now referred to as All The President's Monologues.

How stupid does it get at these briefings as our journalists slumber and snore? Trump began yesterday's Ventilator Monologue in a very familiar way:
TRUMP (4/14/20): As you know, in other countries, hit hard by the virus, hospitals have been tragically forced to ration medical care and the use of ventilators, but due to our early and aggressive action, the skill of our healthcare workers, and the resilience of our healthcare system, no hospital in America has been forced to deny any patient access to a ventilator.

With all of the talk you’ve heard, where some states wanted 40,000 ventilators. I said, “That doesn’t work. Forty thousand?” And they ended up with seven or eight thousand. And they had no problem.

Forty thousand ventilators for one state! It was ridiculous.
Trump has recited this story segment about ten thousand times.

He repeats it day after day after day. All three cable news networks still treat this formulaic bafflegab as a species of "BREAKING NEWS."

In this familiar story segment, Trump rolls his eyes at the way "some states [plural] wanted 40,000 ventilators." In truth, this seems to be a reference to Governor Cuomo and the state of New York, where the possible need for that many ventilators was bruited at one point.

In that familiar story segment, Trump ridicules the very idea that any state could have thought it needed so many ventilators. He presents himself as the clear-thinking sage who knew this didn't make sense.

So far, this was a story segment the assembled upper-end journalists had slept through a million times. That said, yesterday evening's performance provided a type of new morning. As he continued, Trump said this.
TRUMP (continuing directly): The scariest day of my life was about a month ago when, after a long day of meetings, my team told me that we were going to be needing 130,000 ventilators. That we were short hundreds of thousands of ventilators.

This is the system we inherited. I had governors requesting unreasonable sums that the federal government just didn’t have. And you look at the states, the states didn’t have, the states were not prepared.
Included here were two mandated points. President Trump "inherited" a mess and the states "were not prepared."

That said, please note the numbers Trump presented. Also, consider his logic:

On the scariest day of his life, Bold Leader was told two things.
1) We were going to be needing 130,000 ventilators.

2) Also, we were short "hundreds of thousands" of ventilators.
Except for the excitement they bring, do those numbers make sense? If we were short hundreds of thousands of ventilators, why were we going to need only 130,000?

As the president praised himself, a puzzle seemed to reside in his numbers. Now, though, consider his logic, a logic which goes like this:

Trump had started by mocking Cuomo for thinking that the state of New York might need as many as 40,000 ventilators. It turned out that New York hasn't needed nearly that many, the self-confessed clear thinker said. (We can't vouch for Trump's specific numbers.)

Trump started by mocking Cuomo for acting on excessive projections. But in his very next breath, Trump seemed to say that he himself accepted and acted on projections of need which turned out to be excessive.

Trump also acted on excessive projections? We know that because of the thrilling way his heroic story proceeded:
TRUMP (continuing directly): I knew that every person who needed a ventilator and didn’t get one would die. And that’s what we were told. They would die. I saw another country’s doctors having to make decisions on who got a ventilator and who didn’t.

And I knew that this would be a defining challenge of the crisis. Those that didn’t get ventilators were said to be in a position, only of one alternative, and that was death.

Would we be able to prevent Americans from dying because we couldn’t get them ventilators? And the ventilators that they needed and they needed immediately. I instructed my team to move heaven and earth to make sure that this didn’t happen.

We started to smartly ration and distribute the ventilators that we had and that others had. And I got daily updates on the supply we had, from requests coming in and people wanting to have updates. We had a great group of people working on it. I instructed my team to use the Defense Protection Act.

And the Defense Production Act was used very powerfully, more powerfully than anybody would know. In fact, so powerfully that for the most part, we didn’t have to officially take it out. It was a hammer. It was a very powerful hammer, in order to manufacture as many ventilators as possible.

Last year, America manufactured, from a dead start, 30,000 ventilators. And this year the number will be over 150,000 ventilators. It could be as high as 200,000, far more than we’ll ever need. So we’ll be able to stockpile, we’ll be able to talk to states about stockpiling.

These are high quality ventilators. We had a choice. We could do inexpensive, less productive ventilators or high quality. We’ve done a high quality ventilator, so we should have anywhere from 150 to 200,000 ventilators.

In addition to that, we have 10,000 ventilators right now in the federal stockpile ready to move, should we need them. We might not. Should we need them in New York, or New Jersey, or in Louisiana, or in Illinois, or any other state that may need them, if we have a surge.

I’d like to ask Adam Bowler to come up and just say a few words. He’s done a fantastic job. A young man who worked 24 hours a day on handling this situation. And I’d just like to have Adam, wherever he may be, come up and say a few words. Adam, please. Thank you very much.

[Bowler wastes additional time saying a few pointless words]

TRUMP: I’d shake his hand, but I’m not allowed to. Times have changed, haven’t they? Thank you very much. You did a fantastic job. We’re very proud of you and your whole team. Thank you.

Today, we are taking further action to maximize our oversupply and available—to maximize our oversupply in available ventilators.
Today, the president is taking further action to "maximize our oversupply." Try to ignore that odd locution. Instead, consider this:

According to this hero tale, our oversupply of ventilators—"far more than we'll ever need!"—occurred because President Trump, like Governor Cuomo, accepted the accuracy of projections of possible need. It seems that Trump, mot unlike Cuomo, accepted "what we were told."

That said:

Because Cuomo accepted those projections, his conduct has been characterized as "ridiculous" over and over and over again in free-of-charge prime-time broadcasts. But when Trump accepted those projections, it became a sign of his greatness.

Nonsense like this occurs every minute of every day in these inane "daily briefings." And as Trump presents nonsensical claims and ludicrous tales, he also behaves like this:

He routinely interrupts journalists before they can get a question out, moving directly to one of his favorite monologues.

If a journalist does get a question out, he presents long, meandering non-answers—non-answers he proceeds to repeat if the question is asked again.

Routinely, he insults journalists whose questions he doesn't like.

Increasingly, if a journalist directs a question to Dr. Fauci (and they very rarely do), he doesn't let Fauci answer.

All this is broadcast live, in prime time, by our flailing "cable news" channels. Increasingly, CNN and MSNBC have started breaking away to provide fact-checks and context, but these channels have still failed to offer warnings like this to their viewers:
WARNING: What you are watching is likely to be misleading, inaccurate or irrelevant, or to make no earthly sense.
This brings us back to Kaitlan Collins, who is still just 28. In 2017, CNN hired her away from The Daily Caller.

She was even younger then. Her resume was strikingly thin.

At the time, we wondered why CNN had hired her. Over the course of the past year, we've seen that CNN made a very good hire.

Yesterday, Collins once again tried to break through the enabling of this disordered man. We hope her colleagues are watching the way she conducts herself.

Has the White House Correspondents' Association (current president, Jonathan Karl) ever lodged a polite but public formal complaint about the interruptions and the insults? This is a rather desultory crew. We're going to guess that they hasn't.

Yesterday, the latest edition of The Ventilator Monologues didn't quite seem to make sense. In fairness, the sheer stupidity of our discourse didn't start with Trump.

It was there all through the 1990s, routinely driven by the mainstream press. Eventually, this never-ending dumbness helped give us our Trump.

Journalists refuse to discuss this history. For that reason, we liberals have strongly tended to sleep through this problem too.

Tomorrow: What Collins did

Friday: Bad practices up the yazoo


  1. Replies
    1. I have long appreciated your dedication in responding to Mao's comments, which I hope will eventually have the effect of getting people to practice social distancing in this comment section from Mao the troll. People, when you see "ma0 ma0*" remember not to respond. After a while, Mao will disappear like Covid-2 did in Trump's imagination.

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  2. Transparent but one time you said China was transparent transparent but transparent! But you said transparent!

    Not one viewer thought that episode of henpecking was anything but annoying and unprofessional.

    1. Interesting that Trump hasn’t called covid-19 the “Chinese” virus in a while. Xi wasn’t happy about it, pulled Trump’s chain, and, like a good little boy, Trump backed off.

  3. When you, as a reporter, get one question at the end of a briefing should it be about the President's well-rehearsed story about ventilators or should you ask about whatever was new in his statement?

    Does pinning the President down on ventilators make any kind of dent in the huge pile of disinformation he dishes out every day?

    I think the reporters are doing fine. It is the president who is messing up. If you are not a Republican or a moron, that is easy to see. If you are one of the deplorables, the president's incompetence doesn't bother you, so why shouldn't the reporters focus on getting NEWS instead of trying to embarrass a president who has no shame, and his shameless supporters?

  4. Yesterday the president veered off of his prepared remarks to lament the absence of sports.

    Here is yet another example of his lack of empathy for those dying of the virus and their friends and families. Do you imagine they care that sports is briefly off the air. If you ask Trump, in his heart of hearts, what the worst thing about this pandemic has been, he will say that he misses playing golf.

  5. Here is a dose of reality about ventilators. Doctors aren't sure how to treat this particular virus. They have been putting those in serious respiratory distress onto ventilators and treating them using one of three protocols, all designed for treating acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is what it looks like is happening with serious cases of corona virus. But survival rates have been very low once someone is on a ventilator because the ventilator may keep someone alive for longer but it doesn't help support their ability to breathe on their own. Recently, those with the most corona virus experience have been suggesting different approaches, trying to prevent putting someone on a ventilator but instead support their own breathing efforts. That has been working better, although there are not studies yet about different protocols.

    This presents a confound to evaluations of virus spread based on ventilator usage. If doctors are reducing the need for ventilators or using an alternative treatment, then measuring ventilator demand isn't going to be a good indicator of how many cases there are. We should see the demand for ventilators decrease, if alternative treatments are effective. While that would be a good thing for those with serious cases, I doubt that Trump will understand what it going on, and he will continue to tout his success in providing ventilators long after they are less important in treatment. I would prefer that he keep talking and focusing on PPE.

    1. Thank you, @1:43 for this intelligent comment.

  6. The press is not enabling Trump. He holds his presidential briefing and the press listens. Then they get to ask questions until he decides he's had enough. If they hold him to task for his statements, he will simply say "enough" sooner. All of the control is in Trump's hands. If reporters are too aggressive before being silenced, they lose access to the briefings. So, calling the press enablers is grossly unfair. The biggest enablers are the people who voted for Trump.

  7. Trump is “so proud” of the testing numbers, we have been told by some commenters at this blog.

    The facts:
    “Why Isn’t Coronavirus Testing Increasing in the United States?”


    1. Thanks for the link, @2:11. It has some good information. I too have wondered why the number of tests stopped growing.

      I would amend one statement: "Unfortunately, that would require Donald Trump to implicitly admit that testing is not going quite as swimmingly as he’s been saying for the past month." It's true that Trump continues to maintain that testing is going well. However, in those same press conferences, Dr. Birx has been clear about the shortage of testing. E.g. At one conference, she said that on;y 20% of the great, new 15-minute Abbott machines were being used. A couple of days ago she mentioned the number of these machines that had been sent out. As I recall, it was something like 180,000. Since these machines can do a test in 15 minutes, it should be possible to have a million tests a day, rather than 130,000 or so.

    2. I would add that according to World O Meter, today's number of US tests jumped to almost 200,000. I hope that number continues and grows

    3. ..it should be possible to have a million tests a day, rather than 130,000 or so.

      These fuckups wouldn't be happening if Donald J Chickenshit was in charge.

  8. Somerby still needs to realize that his posited distinction between Republican leadership and rank-and-file (that he discussed recently) doesn’t exist.

    Republican leadership were mostly hostile to Trump in 2016. They favored Jeb! or some similar establishment figure. It was Republican primary voters who put Trump over the top. Republican leadership began falling in line behind Trump as soon as he won. It’s a perfect example of the masses leading a political revolt.

    And the Republican masses got exactly who they wanted, the man engaged in lunacy in those daily briefings, flailing about, blaming others for his failures, exhibiting textbook narcissism and sociopathy.

    Does Somerby think these kinds of statements meet with disapproval from the rank-and-file?:

    “Bill O'Reilly: Many of those dying from coronavirus 'were on their last legs anyway'”

    “Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (R-IN) said Tuesday that Americans need to get back to work immediately, even if it means significantly increasing the spread of COVID-19.”

    “Fox News contributor Bill Bennett insisted on Monday morning that the novel coronavirus that has killed over 22,000 Americans in roughly a month isn’t a pandemic at all, instead comparing it to the seasonal flu.”

    In reality, Trump’s blatant sociopathy enables the latent sociopathy in Republicans to flower, both in leaders like the above, or the rank-and-file. When there is substantial pushback from the Republican rank-and-file, then maybe you can claim some sort of disconnect between them and their leadership. A perusal of newspaper letters to the editor and an examination of voting patterns do not look promising, however.

    The Republican rank-and-file owns Trump, and no amount of criticism of the mainstream media changes that fact.

    Hillary was right about her deplorables remark, even if it was politically damaging.

    1. Right, latent because most people recognize that social norms do not permit overt display of sociopathic tendencies. But Trump changed that by letting his own freak flag fly, which normalized sociopathy and made it OK for the rank and file to do the same. So we have seen an increase in all types of bad behavior on the community level, from hate crimes to ignoring stay-at-home, to gleefully breaking rules of civility and decorum, including campaign rules. It is ugly at the local level now that Trump has given mini-thugs permission to act out.

    2. Anonymouse 3:50pm, this is no different from what people were called by blogboard gunslingers when Bush ‘43 was in office.

    3. Sociopathy doesn't go away when people get older.

    4. "It’s a perfect example of the masses leading a political revolt."

      A process Known as "democracy".

    5. Cecelia,

      Try not to be an example supporting @3:50’s thesis. “Blogboard gunslingers” gotta sling, and online anonymity gives people a license to be rude. @3:50 is talking about Republicans abandoning public masks of hypocritical decency to do things like chant, “Jews will not replace us.” Or cheer at a Trump Nuremberg-style rally for the shooting of asylum seekers as they approach our border. Or wear t-shirts reading “Trump that bitch” or “Trump can grab my pussy any time.”

      If you voted for Trump in 2016 and haven’t begged your fellow citizens for forgiveness or if you plan to vote for him in 2020 for whatever reasons, consider that when the devil offers you a light, it might be time to quit smoking.

    6. Maybe I could go out and bust some Windows at Starbucks. Wear a mask on my face and take over the streets of Portland, kick some ass.

      Or I could go shout down and threaten invited speakers at colleges, interrupt masses. Hack folks on social media.

      Nah. I'm not comfortable with having enemies.

      That's not my country in more ways than one. I can never justify that to myself. I know that if I get into that mode then I always can justify it and I always will. I'll always be wrathful, offended, and I will never ever forgive.

    7. And who suggested that you do any of those things, Cecelia?

      Be careful that you don't end up standing in front of a mirror saying, "You talkin' to me? Well, I'm the only one here."

      And what is your country? The one that makes it a policy of deterrence to take children away from their parents and lock them up in filthy quarters?

    8. Why you suggested it, of course. You suggested that because there are bad elements who call themselves Republicans that I’m complicit with them. That I owe the world an apology for them.

      If I had said the same thing about every Democrat being complicit with the types I mentioned, you then would have immediately reminded me of my political family tree of racists, thugs, and kooks.

      Trump supporters may have been chanting insults toward Hillary at rallies, but they weren’t blocking people’s way into rallies, or shouting them out of restaurants, or attacking them for wearing a campaign hat.

      I’m not talking to myself I’m addressing you. I’m replying to your personal implications toward me. Just as I was addressing the Anonymous’ suggestion that his wholesale denunciations of his political contrarians are completely justified because “Trump”, when fifteen long years ago the insults were justified by “Bush”.

      The zero tolerance policy at the border was a terrible one. A tragic one made even more so by our inability to talk about any issue in a rational manner.

      The media ironically kept illustrating that with their stories about Trump that were accompanied by pictures from the Obama era. One outlet deleted a caged children pic that accompanied a Trump story after it was pointed out that it was taken under the wrong president. They put up a new one, then had to delete that too. All the while explaining that kids who were sent alone by adults were somehow different in that the overwhelming demands of trying to keep these children safe and out of an adult population was necessitated by the tactic of sending them without their parents! Again, no discussion of the nuances of this other than to say “tolerate it or you’re a monster”.

      This shuts down discussion. It’s a closed door because you can’t reason with monsters. You can only avert your eyes when they appear at your family reunion. Not my country. Not my family and not my neighbors. Not my acquaintances, not my pen pals and not my thing.

    9. Why you suggested it, of course. You suggested that because there are bad elements who call themselves Republicans that I’m complicit with them. That I owe the world an apology for them.

      First of all, the bad elements we’re talking about aren’t people who just call themselves Republicans. They are Republicans, and the backbone of the party. Their name is legion. While there are certainly jackasses on the left who shout down speakers on college campuses, those people are not Democrats, and you can’t name a single Democratic official who joined them or urged them on.

      Even were I to suggest that you’re complicit with bad elements who are Republicans — and I”m not. Everyone is responsible for and only for her individual actions — why would that mean you should go out and break windows at Starbucks? Do you suppose I judge complicity with crime as harshly as the crime itself? I don’t, but if I did, what’s your reasoning here? That you might as well go out and commit the crime?

      That I owe the world an apology for them.

      You don’t owe anyone an apology for others’ actions in which you have no part. You owe your fellow citizens an apology for your own actions in voting for and supporting the Grifter-in-Chief. That your party, say, cheers the idea of shooting unarmed illegal immigrants should give you pause, but if you didn’t cheer, you’re held harmless for the cheers of others. But you supported a regime that fosters that hate and implements policies that are worse. See any responsibility there?

      I’m not talking to myself I’m addressing you. I’m replying to your personal implications toward me.

      I’m not making any implications. I’m saying it directly: if you support a regime so monstrous that it kidnaps children to inflict pain on their parents as part of a policy of deterrence then you’re in part responsible for the monstrosity. I’m not heading to the fainting couch over political insults.

      The zero tolerance policy at the border was a terrible one.

      Do you see any part for yourself in the terror?

      A tragic one made even more so by our inability to talk about any issue in a rational manner.

      You think those frantic parents’ experiences were somehow made worse because of some imagined inability of some unnamed “us” to talk rationally about issues? What’s wrong with you?

      And “our inability”? Who’s we? Because I’m happy to talk rationally about any issue, including the border policy. And when we talk about that policy, I don’t want to talk about how the media got its pictures mixed up, and I don’t want to talk about unaccompanied children who were detained. I want to talk about the people who implemented a deliberate policy of separating children from their parents and locking them up in Clint, Texas in conditions so horrific that the resulting stench clinging to Border Agents’ uniforms was noticeable to the people in the town.

      Again, no discussion of the nuances of this other than to say “tolerate it or you’re a monster”.

      I think you mean “tolerate it and you’re a monster.” But what “nuances” of Clint, Texas do you think there are to discuss? What about Clint, Texas do you want to “tolerate”?

      This shuts down discussion. It’s a closed door because you can’t reason with monsters.

      I don’t expect to discuss things with monsters like true-believer Steven Miller or spineless apparatchik Kirstjen Nielsen or the Grifter-in-Chief himself. I won’t have the opportunity, and if I did, you’re right, there’s no reasoning with monsters or those who toady to them.

      But I’m not talking to them. I’m talking to you. And what do you have to say? The media got their pictures wrong; some leftists shouted down people on campuses; I’m not responsible for the politicians I vote for.


    10. <-(con't)

      Not my country.

      But it is your country. A country that runs fetid concentration camps for children. It’s mine too. But you know the difference between us? You have more ownership than I do in the stench, actual and metaphorical, in spite of your political anosmia.

      Not my family and not my neighbors.

      Assuming that your family and neighbors voted the way you did, it is your family, and it is your neighbors.

      And it’s you. You not only can’t tell your family and neighbors that you can no longer be party to Clint, Texas, you’re gonna join them in voting for Trump again. Because party on.

      All of you merely walk amongst us as human. That direct enough for you?

    11. It’s been plenty direct, frequently repeated by you , and not whispered.

      Duly noted.

    12. So nothing about your false claims of equivalency? No retraction of your charge that I somehow implied you’re responsible for actions you had no part in? No discussion about Clint, Texas? Nothing to say about any personal responsibility you bear for your political decisions?

      I’d say duly isn’t the right word here.

    13. I can merely walk among you as duly noted.

      No problem.

  9. "It seems that Trump, mot unlike Cuomo, accepted "what we were told.""

    Except, dear Bob, that Our Beloved Commander, Our Hero, acted and organized production of a shitload of ventilators. More than enough ventilators.

    While Mr Cuomo merely demanded 40,000 ventilators, declaring that those (read: Bad Orange Man) who won't immediately hand them, non-existing ventilators, over to him are murderers.

    See the difference, dear Bob? Or is it too subtle for you?

    1. There's all the difference in the world between dealing with a crisis vs criticizing those dealing with the crisis.

    2. "dealing with a crisis"

      "I like the numbers being where they are. I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship" -- Trump explains that he doesn't want to let people off the Grand Princess cruise ship because he doesn't want the number of coronavirus cases in the country to go up

      To prevent Americans from understanding what went on in February will be one of the biggest propaganda and freedom of information fights in US history. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/04/trump-coronavirus-message/610009/ … So much is public that everything rides on the manufacture of confusion.

      David is doing his part.

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