Klain states his view of the WHO!


Eschews simple-minded assessment:
As of yesterday, President Trump has apparently elevated the World Health Organization to the status of current scapegoat-in-chief.

How well did the WHO perform with respect to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China? For ourselves, we have no idea. For that reason, we thought we'd show you what Ron Klain recently said.

Klain served as "Ebola czar" during Obama's second term. He appeared last Thursday on The Last Word, as Trump was ramping up his attack on this latest target.

Lawrence O'Donnell asked Klain about the WHO. We were struck by his nuanced assessment:
O'DONNELL (4/9/20): Ron Klain, Donald Trump versus the World Health Organization. Which side do you want to defend?

KLAIN: Well, look, I'll start here. I've been a long-time critic of the World Health Organization.

They did a miserable job on Ebola
when we were working with them. There have been some reforms, some new leadership since then. I think they've done a better job here. But they definitely have made mistakes.

But Donald Trump attacking the World Health Organization is like an F student attacking a B-minus student
, OK?

It's not that the World Health Organization has not made mistakes. They have. It's that Trump has made worse mistakes. And ironically, one of those horrible mistakes was saying, on February 24, the World Health Organization was very smart and doing a very great job.

So what's happening here, Lawrence, is not that Donald Trump has any legitimate criticisms in his eyes of the World Health Organization. He's just trying to deflect blame from his failures on testing, his failures to act promptly, his failures to get the protective gear in place.

He wants to put the blame someplace else. He's the president who stood in the Rose Garden and said, "I take no responsibility for this." And having failed in that defense, he's now just trying to push the blame someplace else.
Klain saying it doesn't make it so; that's especially true with assessments of motive. But we were struck by the nuanced approach he took to this newly-fraught matter.

There are legitimate criticisms to be made of the WHO's response to this crisis, Klain said. It's just that Trump's mistakes and bungles have been so much worse.

Our view? You rarely see such nuanced assessments on cable. Unless you're watching ESPN, where the debates tend to be more intelligent than those on cable news.

On cable news, the tendency is clear. If Trump is opposed to X, Y or Z, there will be a tendency in liberal circles to say that X, Y or Z must be great. There's a tendency to take the tribal approach, to favor one side while blasting the other.

(Note the way O'Donnell framed the question. "Which side do you want to defend?")

Klain didn't play it that way. He didn't defend either side. In that sense, his assessment struck us as unusual.

On ESPN, nuanced assessments are much more common. We sometimes watch that channel's discussion shows just because it's reassuring to see the range of perspectives we humans can still bring to our assessments.

Because the network mainly deals with sports, assessments made on ESPN don't actually matter. Assessments made on cable news channels do.

But to our eye, the pundits we see on ESPN—often, they're retired NFL linemen—often seem smarter than those on cable news. They're more likely to acknowledge the various sides of a topic. We'll rate that "sad but true."

Klain does find fault with the WHO's performance. He gives them only a B-minus hrade, but he also says that Trump's performance has been a great deal worse.

We can't assess the WHO. We were struck, last Thursday night, by Klain's unusual performance.


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  2. “There are legitimate criticisms to be made of the WHO's response to this crisis, Klain said. It's just that Trump's mistakes and bungles have been so much worse.”

    The whole thrust of Somerby’s recent series on Trump’s briefings is to show Trump’s mental illness and/or personality disorder. That doesn’t seem to be a question of Trump’s “mistakes” or “bungles”, but rather his continuing utter unfitness for the job.

    And in light of that, it is irrelevant what mistakes the WHO made or didn’t make. It is Trump’s indefensible decision to stop funding the WHO in the midst of a pandemic, born of spitefulness and sociopathic inability to shoulder responsibility for his own failures, that is the issue here. There is no reason for the press to play both sides on this decision.

    1. Stupid comment.

    2. The press have been pushing for the opening of the country, and so have some medical consultants. They're doing this because they're wealthy and their investments are losing value as long as Appplebee's is closed. The phrase "cure is worse than a disease" came from an upper class newspaper.

    3. See now, this is the kind of comment generated by the Russian bots, to make it appear that Trump and the conservatives have more support than they actually do. A dumb machine can generate this kind of thing without having to understand what was written by anyone.

    4. Talking about @4:18

  3. "If Trump is opposed to X, Y or Z, there will be a tendency in liberal circles to say that X, Y or Z must be great. "

    Liberals aren't idiots. Part of the problem here is Somerby's less than nuanced view of liberal behavior.

    1. Liberals are total idiots! Look how they bought into the Russian canard and wasted a year and half on it. Somerby is totally correct.

      Conservatives play the same X,Y,Z game.

    2. Everybody knows what Donald Trump would want to do to the press if he could. They're right to be afraid.

    3. Instead, he calls on them to ask him questions. Sometimes he lets them ask more than one. But we know what he'd REALLY like to do to them. But for now he'll call on them and let them rage like the unhinged crazies they are.

    4. Russia made white people vote for Trump, despite Trump's bigotry.

  4. This is a GLOBAL pandemic. What other organizations are available who specifically coordinate activity to combat health problems across multiple nations? Defunding the only such organization, because it is less than perfect, strikes me as an incredibly stupid thing to do.

    Somerby has framed this as a contest between Trump and WHO, to determine which has made the most mistakes fighting COVID-19. There is no winner in such a dispute. Trump has used any excuse to pull out of other global cooperative endeavors and this is just the latest America First action. WHO's mistakes are just an excuse to do something he would do anyway. Doing this in the midst of a pandemic is unthinkable.

    Again, we see the failure of empathy. Trump doesn't care what is happening anywhere else in the world (despite its effect on us too), and Somerby clearly doesn't think of this as anything important for the US to participate in, just in terms of who has made the most mistakes, as if there were a prize for that beyond dumbass of the year. WHO is doing important, serious work, however imperfectly. We should be supporting it.

    1. I'd like some of what people are smoking who say "Don't pull out of an institution that caused your country to shut down, killed thousands, and unemployed millions. That's unthinkable!"

    2. You think WHO caused the virus? That sounds like one of those crazy conspiracy theories to me.

  5. Congress spends the money. Donald J Chickenshit, Acting President, has no constitutional authority to cut funding arbitrarily to use the WHO as his scapegoat. He was the fucking president of the US for god sake, he had the best intelligence resources available known to man in all of history, yet he's blaming WHO for his failure. Enough of this bullshit.

    1. In fact, Trump is usurping powers reserved to Congress. It is technically an impeachable offense.

      Must be a day that ends in “y.”

    2. Per SCOTUS in Train v City of New York (420US35) Trump may not on his own authority legally refuse to disburse Congressionally appropriated funds. Per the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 (2USC601–688), he may suspend payments for 45 days. He must inform Congress that he is doing so, and if both houses fail to agree with him in that time period, he must reinstate the expenditures.

  6. How well did the WHO perform with respect to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China? For ourselves, we have no idea

    Well, Bob should know the answer. WHO's malfeasance is public information. China's lies allowed this horrible virus to spread worldwide. China hid the danger from the rest of the world. WHO parroted China's lies, helping to hide the danger, while the pandemic spread and spread.

    If a private corporation did what WHO did, this corporation would be sued into bankruptcy. And, if it the malfeasance was caused by provable corruption, the management might be criminally prosecuted.

    Bureaucracies tend to get away with bad behavior. Especially international organizations, where no one country is in charge. Trump is doing the world a service by seeking to reform WHO.

    1. He isn't "seeking to reform" WHO. He is seeking to defund it.

    2. You're such a good little fascist asshole, David. Chickenshit crybaby was pissed off over the reporting over the weekend showing how he completely dropped the ball. He is the fucking president (Acting) and he has the entire resources of all of our intelligence agencies who gave him actual real time information about what was going on in China, and what did the little shitstain do? "China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus," Trump tweeted on January 24, "The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!"

      A man's true character is revealed in time of crisis.

    3. This board is just filled with psychoanalysts who don't own a mirror.

      The WHO gets a B- and Trump gets an F has to be some of the most specious analysis this year, and not because it was hard on Trump.

      Trump isn't the World Health Organization. Hell, China isn't W.H.O. either, but W.H.O. sure parroted what China told them in their January 14th pronouncement, almost word for word.

      I didn't vote for Pres. Obama, but I was able to separate an opinion about him from the way I perceived all other issues or parties in which he was involved.

      Try it.

    4. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/04/world-health-organization-blame-pandemic-coronavirus/609820/

    5. What in the actual hell motivates someone to defend WHO right now? Starting to believe TDS is a legitimate, identifiable diagnosis.

    6. You can’t “reform” an organization if you aren’t in it. Trump is seeking to give up any influence the US has over the WHO. Meanwhile, guess who is pledging increased support? That’s right; China. They understand how you build and maintain influence in the world. Man-baby Trump: not so much.

    7. The WHO produced a reliable test and made it available to labs worldwide. It accumulates the global data surrounding the virus. It didn't allow the virus to get outside China the long incubation period made that inevitable.
      They totally fucked up by uncritically accepting and repeating Chinese lies, Corrected themselves one week later and have been an valuable resource for human beings the world over since.

    8. "Starting to believe TDS is a legitimate, identifiable diagnosis."

      Isn't everything?

    9. TDS? We've been saying that Trump is deranged for a long time. Nice to see conservatives starting to agree.

    10. AnonymousApril 15, 2020 at 7:02 PM - I believe the test the WHO distributed was developed, not by WHO, but by someone in Germany.

    11. You mean it wasn't developed by the WHO labs in outer space?
      What the fuck does that even mean "I believe it was Germany" Is Germany not a member of the WHO? Did Germany then distribute it globally? This is a colossal misunderstanding of the WHO and what their mission is?

  7. We should double the funding for the organization that caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. Maybe next time they'll only cause half that number.

    1. Trump was at fault, not WHO. WHO may have delayed a week, but Trump ignored the pandemic for months.

  8. Trump was on fire today. Informative and informed, strong, top of his game, holding China and WHO accountable. Jarring to see strength at a presidential podium instead of years of weakness. We dodged a bullet on November '16.

    1. Aren't those Russian bots sounding more natural every day? This would be plausible as a human comment, if it weren't for the content.

    2. I wish I could afford court side seats and talk about politics like it was nothing.

  9. "Note the way O'Donnell framed the question. "Which side do you want to defend?""

    Another proof (as if we needed another one) that Mr O'Donnell is a brain-dead dembot.

    WHO is an international organization. Countries send it money, expecting something in return. The US sends the lion's share. If the US, represented by Our Beloved Commander, is not satisfied, it should stop paying, simple as that.

    If other countries disagree, they'll presumably pick up the slack.

    "He's the president who stood in the Rose Garden and said, "I take no responsibility for this.""

    Now, that's another dembot lie, dear Bob.
    Here: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/03/13/fauci_corrects_nbc_reporter_wanting_trump_to_take_responsibility_for_failing_i_was_talking_about_the_system.html

    Journo dembot: ""Dr. Fauci said earlier this week that the lag in testing was in fact a failing. Do you take responsibility for that..."

    Dr. Fauci:
    ""So just to reiterate what I said to many of you multiple times, it's the descent (PH) of a system," Fauci said. "The system was not designed--for what it was designed for it worked very well. The CDC designed a good system."

    "When I said that, I meant the system was not designed for what we need. Now looking forward, the system will take care of it," Fauci added."

    1. On Jan. 21, Dr. Fauci said that the virus should be taken seriously, but it wasn’t something that the U.S. had to worry about right now.



    2. Dr. Fauci was correct. Planning and stockpiling should have begun at that point. Perhaps if we had followed the "What to do when facing a deadly pandemic" plan we would be in far better shape. Perhaps if there was still a pandemic team in the White House we'd be in far better shape. Pergaps if after Iran and Italy saw exponential growth that overwhelmed their medical system we had a new sense of urgency lives would have been saved. Fuck this president he's an incompetent, petty, cruel and miserable failure.

    3. Saying that something should not be a cause or worry or that the risk of getting it is “minuscule” on 2/19 does not tend toward stockpiling.

      Dr. Fauci is a very admirable man, but his take then is salient in an accusation that warnings were unheeded.


    4. What he actually said was that they were about to start testing people with flu like symptoms in 5 major US cities to see if the virus was already here-"and then we have a problem". If not, then the chance of infection, while still taking limited precautions, was miniscule.

    5. Google Search keywords: "I take no responsibility." trump

      Youtube footage
      Washington Post
      New York Daily News
      Star Tribune
      Concord Monitor

    6. Which the reports shows that within the “lost month of February” on the 17th, Dr. Faluci was still finding the threat of coronavirus to be a hypothetical danger.

      “Fauci doesn't want people to worry about coronavirus, the danger of which is "just minuscule." But he does want them to take precautions against the "influenza outbreak, which is having its second wave."

      "We have more kids dying of flu this year at this time than in the last decade or more," he said. "At the same time people are worrying about going to a Chinese restaurant. The threat is (we have) a pretty bad influenza season, particularly dangerous for our children."

      Fauci offered advice for people who want to protect against the "real and present danger" of seasonal flu, which also would protect against the hypothetical danger of coronavirus.“

    7. On February 28, Donald Trump stood before a crowd of supporters in South Carolina and told them to pay no attention to the growing warnings of a coronavirus outbreak in America. The press was “in hysteria mode,” the president said. The Democrats were playing politics. This new virus was nothing compared with the seasonal flu—and anyone who said otherwise was just trying to hurt him. “This is their new hoax,” Trump proclaimed, squinting out from behind a podium adorned with the presidential seal.

      Sorry, Cec, he's not going to able to bullshit his way out of this one.

      To prevent Americans from understanding what went on in February will be one of the biggest propaganda and freedom of information fights in US history.
      https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/04/trump-coronavirus-message/610009/ … So much is public that everything rides on the manufacture of confusion.

    8. I appreciate your sympathy, mm.

      On Feb. 24, Trump was requesting 2.4 billion from congress.

      Feb 29, he was issuing more travel bans.

      WHO was issuing this advice on prevention and admonishments about fear and rumors.


      To me, the semantics of what he meant by hoax and what he said about the flu are the stuff of confusion.

      I’m not a political strategist, but it seems this line of attack is less definitive than focusing on the testing fubar.

    9. To prevent Americans from understanding what went on in February will be one of the biggest propaganda and freedom of information fights in US history. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/04/trump-coronavirus-message/610009/ … So much is public that everything rides on the manufacture of confusion.

      I see you're doing your bit, Cec.

      On Feb. 24, Trump was requesting 2.4 billion from congress.

      But Democrats immediately slammed the request as too small, with House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita M. Lowey (D-N.Y.) calling it “woefully insufficient to protect Americans” and criticizing the administration for trying to “raid” money from other public health accounts.

      “House Democrats will move quickly to enact a robust package that fully addresses this global emergency without allowing this administration to steal from other necessary programs,” Lowey said.

      February 26, 2020: Congress, recognizing the coming threat, offers to give the administration $6 billion more than Trump asked for in order to prepare for the virus.
      Trump mocks Congress in a White House briefing, saying “If Congress wants to give us the money so easy—it wasn’t very easy for the wall, but we got that one done. If they want to give us the money, we’ll take the money.” ◾Note: The wall did not get “done.” Trump never got sufficient funding for completion of his promised border wall and in any case, as of early February 2020, only 110 miles of new fencing had been constructed.

      You aint gonna be able to bullshit your way out of this one, Cec.

    10. That didn’t address what I thought I was saying, but as to the statement you keep repeating- never underestimate the power of bullshit.

    11. To be honest, Cec, I have no idea what you're tying to say, but I can see your flop sweat from my home office here.

      South Korea’s foreign minister, Kang Kyung-wha, speaking to the BBC last week, said the key lessons from her country are that it developed testing for the virus even before it had a significant number of cases. “In mid-January, our health authorities quickly conferred with the research institutions here [to develop a test],” Kang said. “And then they shared that result with the pharmaceutical companies, who then produced the reagent [chemical] and the equipment needed for the testing.”


      Mid-January. You think chickenshit liar whiney infantile blame gamer might of heard about that on the golf course? Oh no, that's right, he doesn't much go in for briefings. He has it all in his little tiny brain.

      Did you ever realize how incompetent this overgrown delinquent was when you happily pulled the lever?

    12. Relax, Cec.
      There will be plenty of time for a dozen Benghazi-like investigations into Trump's criminal negligence, once we get through all the deaths Trump caused.

    13. Anonymouse2:25pm, where have been since 2016?

  10. Best piece on the coronavirus history.


    1. "I like the numbers being where they are. I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship" -- Trump explains that he doesn't want to let people off the Grand Princess cruise ship because he doesn't want the number of coronavirus cases in the country to go up

      I know, Cec, it's the W.H.O.'s fault.
      You all elected Donald J Chickenshit, Acting President, to follow WHO's recommendations religiously and to ignore his own vast resources in intelligence and the State Department and HHS. That was the very definition of MAGA if I recall.

      February 5, 2020: Senator Chris Murphy tweets:

      Just left the Administration briefing on Coronavirus. Bottom line: they aren't taking this seriously enough.

      Notably, no request for ANY emergency funding, which is a big mistake. Local health systems need supplies, training, screening staff etc. And they need it now.

      — Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) February 5, 2020

      Trump visited a golf course on Jan. 18 and 19, Feb. 1 and 15, and March 7 and 8. All of these golf outings took place at Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach, Florida. Trump also hosted rallies on Jan. 9 (Ohio), 14 (Wisconsin), 28 (New Jersey) 30 (Iowa), and on Feb. 10 (New Hampshire), 19 (Arizona), 20 (Colorado), 21 (Nevada), and 28 (South Carolina).

      At his rally in South Carolina on Feb. 28, Trump spoke to the audience about the new coronavirus, accusing Democrats of “politicizing” the virus and claiming the U.S. was “totally prepared.”

      'I don't take responsibility at all':
      Donald J Chickenshit, Acting President, 3/13/2020

  11. How is that the best piece?
    Coz some right wing shit might stick to the wall? And then...

    How does this in anyway mitigate Trump's cruel incompetence? We already know the Chinese covered it up. We already know it began in Wuhan. What difference does it make if patient zero got it in a wet market or a lab?

    What I care about is why it's taken such a hold in my country when we had more time to prepare and social distancing than our European "allies". This is going to pass 40,000 in less than a week. Canada right next door has 1/30th the deaths with 10% of the population. Please explain why?

    1. Bro, this has been talked about continuously for a over a month now in the online media of both stripes and recently ignited because it’s being reported in the MSM.

      Here’s a fascinating piece from a week ago from Wired. Are they right wing?


      Here’s one from National Review on April 3, that you could hold your nose and read if you want to find out some fascinating and chilling information on the crisis in Wuhan and Patient Zero.


      This is a part of finding out how it took such a hold in our country. As to New York, the cases there originated from Europe. New York is the hub of the universe and very dense in population. I read somewhere that NYC has a positive test rate of 50% whereas it’s 15% on average elsewhere. If you took New York and New Jersey out of the charts, the rest of the U.S. deaths/mm would be more comparable to Germany.

      As you say, it is more than important to look at this area. Travel from the Schengen region should have been shut down sooner. There’s a lot we don’t know.

      If you don’t find this part of the path interesting, who’s forcing you to read it?

    2. If you took NY out of the equation?
      Fuck off with your lazy excuses.
      If you took Berlin out of the equation..
      If you took Wuhan out of the equation...

      How about if you took Trump out of the equation.

    3. “ How about if you took Trump out of the equation.”

      Are you kidding? You can’t allow several references to anything having to do with the pandemic but him.

  12. It's just "look over there" deflecting.
    How would this information, if it's true, alter an assessment of the USA's response?

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