Abraham Lincoln encounters Bill Gates!

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 2021

Gerson all in on "woke:" In May of last year, the New York Times' Timothy Egan described Bill Gates as "the most interesting man in the world."

In fact, that was the headline on a column Egan wrote about Gates. Today, he has written a darker column about the new and journalistically thrilling Gates / French Gates divorce.

Was Bill Gates ever the most interesting man in the world? Since no such person exists, we can be fairly sure that he wasn't.

Today, at the start of his new column, Egan refers to the way Gates and French Gates engaged in "the careful curating of their image," even in recent years. The fact that they engaged in that curating makes them less interesting people today, even as the "PR team" of one of those players seems to be adjusting the curating of the other's image. 

Does it matter what people think of Bill Gates, or of Melinda French Gates? Not necessarily, no. 

We'd like it better if the upper-end press corps cared less about such matters. We have a slightly different reaction when it comes to the image, carefully curated or not, of former president Abraham Lincoln, who famously said, in a famous speech, that we committed this awful crime too.

Yesterday, Michael Gerson wrote a column in the Washington Post which carried this eye-catching headline:

When it comes to knowing U.S. history, we should all be ‘woke’

Should we all be "woke" about U.S. history? It all depends on what the meaning of what "being woke" is! In these passages, Gerson describes his provisional meaning:

GERSON (5/28/21): If being “woke” means knowing the full story of your community and country, including the systemic racism that still shapes them, then every thinking adult should be. 

It's hard to disagree with that. Of course, since no one ever knows the full story of anything, it all depends on which parts of our country's history we allegedly "thinking adult" might choose to mention and stress.

It all depends on which parts of our history we choose to mention and stress! As we rethink the teaching of U.S, history—as our major newspapers ostentatiously revisit that history—this is an extremely basic point.

In his column, Gerson chose to revisit President Lincoln, if only in passing. As he did, he may have sounded "woke" in the cartoonish sense. 

Though it may be good to be woke, it isn't good to be cartoonish. This is what Gerson wrote about the Great Emancipator:

GERSON: William Clark was not only an intrepid explorer, he was the author of treaties that removed more than 81,000 Indians from their homelands. Sen. Thomas Hart Benton was not just the populist voice of “the West,” he was the father of “settler colonialism” and an apologist for slavery. Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation—but merely a few days before he had ordered the execution of 38 Dakota men, which “remains the largest mass execution in the history of the United States.” The 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair was a festival of white supremacy, in which the organizers “assembled living human beings in a zoo.”

That was Gerson's sole direct reference to Lincoln. The quotation comes from a year-old book, The Broken Heart of America, by Walter Johnson, one of them Harvard professors.

Gerson goes on to suggest that Johnson's book may possibly be excessively woke. Along the way, he returns to the Indian wars which were occurring when Lincoln was in the White House:

GERSON: Historians such as Johnson might dwell on historical horrors and put them into narrow ideological narratives, but the events they recount are real. The U.S. government’s Indian wars were often conducted by sadists and psychopaths such as William S. Harney (who beat an enslaved woman named Hannah to death because he had lost his keys and blamed her for hiding them). A White lynch mob murdered a free Black man named Francis McIntosh in 1836, burning him alive while he begged his tormentors to shoot him...

And so on. Like many upper-end journalists, Gerson may seem to be discovering historical facts others have known about all along. He's also making his own position clear:

He disapproves of white lynch mobs, and of sadists and sociopaths. Quite a few of our thought leaders are currently making a point of stating such moral views.

In the process, did President Lincoln perhaps and possibly get thrown under a bus? After all, during those Indian wars, he ordered “the largest mass execution in the history of the United States!” Was Lincoln a sadist too?

Was the Great Emancipator a sadist and a psychopath? It can sometimes end up sounding that way when we let ourselves get  a trifle too woke. With that in mind, let's return to our basic point:

Once we know "the full story" of our history, it all depends on what we choose to say and what we choose to leave out. According to the leading authority on the Dakota War, here is some of what Gerson chose to leave out this time:

The Dakota War of 1862, also known as the Sioux Uprising, the Dakota Uprising, the Sioux Outbreak of 1862, the Dakota Conflict, the U.S.-Dakota War of 1862, or Little Crow's War, was an armed conflict between the United States and several bands of Dakota (also known as the eastern Sioux). It began on August 18, 1862, at the Lower Sioux Agency along the Minnesota River in southwest Minnesota, four years after its admission as a state.


On August 17, 1862, a young Dakota killed five German settlers. That night a council of Dakota decided to attack settlements throughout the Minnesota River valley to drive the settlers out of the area. 358 settlers were killed. During the war that followed, the Dakota made extensive attacks on hundreds of settlers and immigrants, which resulted in many settler deaths, and caused many to flee the area. Over the next several months, continued battles of the Dakota against settlers and later, the Minnesota Volunteer Infantry units, ended with the surrender of 400 Dakota. By late December 1862, Minnesota volunteers had taken more than 1600 Sioux captive, including women, children and elderly men in addition to many warriors. 


The surrendered Dakota warriors and their families were held while military trials took place from September to November 1862. Of the 498 trials, 300 were sentenced to death. President Lincoln commuted the sentences of all but 38.

We've left quite a bit out; so has the leading authority. That said, every account of American history will always leaves quite a bit out. It all depends on which omissions, and which accounts, seem reasonably balanced and fair.

At the present time, many of our leading journalists are rushing to show us they're woke. In some cases, they may be making up for quite a bit of lost time.

They may have to cut some corners in the process of proving they're woke. Our Town has a new set of Storylines it loves, and some thought leaders in Our Town are imaginably rushing to cut and paste them.

As to what we should tell the kids in school, that's a very difficult question. 

What should children be told about our country's history, and also at what age? When such questions come center stage, the dumbness can seem to come from all sides, woke and anti-woke. 

As you know, the larger game has already been lost. But what should children be told in school? We may discuss that unanswerable question next week.


  1. The kinds of issues under discussion in this blog these days, at least as Bob frames them and as he is constantly pointing out, stretch far beyond any specific country to encompass the whole of the human condition.

    So is Planet Earth a shithole not worth saving?

    1. You're joking! Somerby isn't concerned with global affairs.

  2. "When such questions come center stage, the dumbness can seem to come from all sides, woke and anti-woke."

    Meh. There is no dumbness whatsoever left for the anti-woke side, dear Bob, as the woke side is hoarding all it. All the dumbness that exists in this universe.

    As for destroying national myths, destroying the nation, well, we guess it's the only way for your cult to stay in power for a while longer. Liberal cult ├╝ber alles. You're a liberal, so don't complain, dear Bob.

    1. Can we get a better translator please, Dear Mao?

  3. "by Walter Johnson, one of them Harvard professors."

    One of them there Harvard professors. Who is Somerby trying to fool, mimicking folksy illiteracy and regional dialects? He is one of them Harvard graduates himself.

    So why does he object to including a bit of Native American history in with the adulation of Lincoln?

  4. It is our shithole, love it or leave it.

  5. What Sully says...


    1. I linked to an essay that you have a choice to read or to not read.

      I’m here because I enjoy and respect the blogger who generally embodies the philosophy that Sullivan describes in the piece.


    2. Man, Sully still pushing Charles Murray...

    3. Cecelia, stop putting all that extra space at the ends of your comments. It is uncivil.

    4. Sullivan does not refer to any particular CRT theorist when he says CRT rejects a foundation of liberalism. He quotes no one and refers to no source. He has created a strawman and argues against it without engaging with anyone espousing CRT.

      No liberal (politically speaking) is as concerned about CRT as the right seems to be. They have manufactured yet another grievance and are riding that pony hard. CRT exists as an esoteric academic discussion but not as anything real that liberals are discussing or implementing anywhere but in the imagination of the right wing.

      Sullivan is capable of making sense, but not when he links to no one and refers to nothing concrete. This essay is a waste of time, Cecelia, but what else is new?

    5. I sincerely hope that you are entirely.correct on this one.

    6. Well, if a bigot, like Sullivan has a problem, who are we to object?

    7. You are people who always object to people not in lockstep with you and who always call those people bigots.

      Thanks for asking.

    8. Except Sullivan is a bigot. He is the one who used his position as editor of The New Republic to showcase Murray's racial views (Herrnstein & Murray wrote The Bell Curve, an argument against programs such as Headstart because black kids are too dumb to benefit from them), which Sullivan now admits in his podcast that he agrees with. Such people ARE bigots.

    9. Cecelia,
      Liz Cheney says "Hello", and "every Right-wing accusation is really a confession."

    10. Let me guess, Andrew Sullivan now thinks racism doesn't exist. That's the next step you idiot children take in this process of avoiding nuance and pretending to be participating in some sort of relevant liberal advocacy.

      Just like you turned Bob's nuanced complaints into accusations that he doesn't believe women receive unequal pay or that racism exists. a completely stupid claim that of course you could not back up.

      You're dumber than dogs.

    11. Sullivan knows racism exist. His fear is that if it didn't, his life wouldn't be so easy.

    12. Somerby has repeatedly said that the Dept of Labor statistic that says that women earn less than men is bogus because it is not for equal work. That means that he doesn't believe that women receive unequal pay. He said it when Maddow discussed that Dept of Labor statistic, and he said it about Harris when she discussed that Department of Labor statistic and he said it again last week. Did I mention that this data comes from the Department of Labor?

      I believe Somerby is dumber than dogs and you are too, if you haven't been paying attention to what he says here, repeatedly, every time some woman repeats that statistic from the Department of Labor about the gender wage gap. I will say this so that you and Somerby can both understand it: THERE IS A GENDER WAGE GAP BECAUSE WOMEN AND MEN DO NOT RECEIVE EQUAL PAY.

    13. I realize you are too stupid to understand this but he has only said that quoting the statistic and adding "for equal work" is false and misleading. That claim by Somerby is 100% true and valid. Department of Labor statistic is not really talking about discrimination.

      There is discrimination he has never denied that and you can't cite any source proving he has. The BLS stat quoted by Maddow and Harris is not really talking about discrimination. He is only asking that they get their facts and statistics right, which they did not.

      As a liberal, Somerby has pointed out that mistakes of this nature, especially in the way Maddow did on national TV, hurt liberalism because it gives their opposition ammunition to accurately criticize their positions and advocates like Maddow. This is the only point.

      I'm sorry that you too can not understand statistics and this simple political matter that hurts liberals.

    14. https://blog.dol.gov/2021/03/19/5-facts-about-the-state-of-the-gender-pay-gap#:~:text=Women%20earn%2082%20cents%20for,for%20many%20women%20of%20color.

      where it says:

      "According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, in 2020, women’s annual earnings were 82.3% of men’s, and the gap is even wider for many women of color. Though women only made 57 cents per dollar earned by men in 1973 when this Department of Labor PSA was made, progress has stalled and we’re still far from closing the pay gap."

      You, on the other hand, cited no sources for your info. I trust the Bureau of Labor Statistics before I would trust anything you say.

      Somerby is incorrect and he is not making a valid point. It is sad that people like you believe him.

      dol.gov stands for department of labor and it is an official government website. It is their job to collect these statistics and they are accurate, whereas Somerby is a hack and you are stupid for believing him.

    15. @9:46, please quote any place where Somerby has admitted that workplace discrimination against women is real.

    16. Corby - I was quoting from the Rachel Maddow Show. Her guest Dr. Heidi Hartmann, Institute for Women`s Policy Research explicitly said:


      "And, of course, these numbers from BLS (the source you just cited Corby and in which you stupidly have so much confidence as being proof of discrimination) and Census Bureau are not really talking about discrimination. "

      These are the numbers you just cited and Maddow cited. They are not talking about equal work. They are "not really talking about discrimination."

      Sorry, you are completely wrong and stupid.

      In a fact check of Maddow's disastrous MTP performance where she stupidly made her false claims about the BLS stats, as you just did, CNN said correctly "if you control for all factors, the pay gap shrinks to approximately 5 cents more for men than for women.“



      10:12/Corby/Stupid fool:

      Here is the source you requested:

      Somerby: "Let’s be clear: This doesn’t mean that women face no discrimination in terms of pay."


      You are blindingly dumb and that hurts the very causes you claim to care about.

    17. Nice job, 12:10.
      It's hard to wade through Bob's Right-wing grievances, and find stuff he doesn't get from Hannity.

    18. Corby (all the other loser names under which they post) the moron, loser troll loses another argument and can't provide any basis or sources for their idiotic claims. Somerby was 100% correct and accurate making an interesting and important point and you were 100% wrong, as usual. You lose again. I win every argument against you fully backed up with sources. I totally expose your garbage trolling and stupidity for what it is. Again! Always! Not that it's difficult. Corby the moron, loser troll loses another argument.

    19. You didn't read the link I provided. It says:

      "3. Women earn less than men in nearly all occupations
      You can see how women’s earnings compare with men’s in over 350 occupations using our interactive visualization tool. There are only a handful of occupations where women earn slightly more than their male counterparts, such as health care social workers.

      4. Women earn less than their same race and ethnicity counterpart at every level of educational attainment
      Compared with white men with the same education, Black and Latina women with only a bachelor’s degree have the largest gap at 65%, and Black women with advanced degrees earn 70% of what white men with advanced degrees earn. Educational attainment is not enough to close gender earnings gaps. In fact, most women with advanced degrees earn less than white men, on average, with only a bachelor’s degree. "

      Those 350 occupations show that women do not earn the same as men for equal work. The comparison of wages based on levels of education show that women do not earn the same as men with the same education either.

      These statistics are why Somerby is wrong when he criticizes Maddow and Harris.

      Further, men have never done equal work with women because working women do housework and child care when they come home from their jobs, whereas the large majority of men do not.

    20. No one is saying women earn the same as men for equal work stupid retard. What is your problem? You're completely ignorant. Those stats don't show Somerby is wrong when he criticizes Maddow and Harris. Somerby is 100% correct. Harris and Maddow overstated the numbers using stats that are "not really talking about discrimination."

      Men invented and built the entire civilization you live in. Men built a society that allows women to be independent of men!! That was never the case until men built it. You're stupid and you lost this argument a long time ago. Bye!

    21. Retarded fool:

      Reasons for the disparities other than discrimination:

      1. Differences in industries or jobs worked. By calculating a wholistic wage gap, researchers can see effects of occupational segregation, or the funneling of women and men into different types of industries and jobs based on gender norms and expectations. So-called women’s jobs, which are jobs that have historically had majority-female workforces, such as home health aides and child care workers, tend to offer lower pay and fewer benefits than so-called men’s jobs, which are jobs that have had predominantly male workforces, including jobs in trades such as building and construction. These gendered differences are true across all industries and the vast majority of occupations, at all levels, from frontline workers to midlevel managers to senior leaders.8

      2. Differences in years of experience. Women are disproportionately driven out of the workforce to accommodate caregiving and other unpaid obligations and thus tend to have less work experience than men. Access to paid family and medical leave makes women more likely to return to work—and more likely to return sooner.

      3) Differences in hours worked. Because women tend to work fewer hours to accommodate caregiving and other unpaid obligations, they are also more likely to work part time, which means lower hourly wages and fewer benefits compared with full-time workers

      Stop being such a stupid dumbass.

  6. "It all depends on which omissions, and which accounts, seem reasonably balanced and fair."

    And here Somerby demonstrates that he knows nothing at all about how history is written or critiqued. Of course history writing is selective. Authors focus in on specific topics that are the concern of their monograph or book. But what makes history well-written or bad is the quality of their sources, how widely read they are on existing research, and their nuanced discussion of existing controversies over points of fact and interpretation, NOT what they leave out. There is too much history to include all of it in every book, so there must be a narrower focus.

    A history of Abraham Lincoln's Indian relations during his presidency does not diminish his leadership during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was never considered someone who believed in Negro equality with white men and it is unsurprising that he treated Indians as he did. But the history of Indian relations is important because Indians are part of our country, as are African Americans and even Southerners.

    Somerby describes the Dakota War. It is part of the rules of war that you do not execute captured prisoners of war for engaging in battle. When historians write about these actions, they are not trying to be woke. They are trying to write good history.

    1. Ah, the "rules of war". So "I will put down my sword and you will put down your rock, and we will try to kill each other like civilized people."

      What is "engaging in battle"? Does it involve coming up to a cabin, killing a woman, an 8 year old boy and a 4 year old girl? Is that battle or is that a triple homicide?

      What about raping female prisoners of war? Is that a war crime or is it just part of "engaging in battle"? Berg writes in his book "38 Nooses" "Again and again Chaska had turned away other Dakota men demanding Sarah's sexual attentions by saying that she was his wife,..."

      Some people when they write ARE trying to be woke. Others will propagate a half truth because it fits their woke world view (which they obtained from books and articles they read (and believed)).

    2. War endures. As well ask men what they think of stone. War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner. That is the way it was and will be. That way and not some other way.

    3. The prisoners that were executed were found guilty of massacres, which are war crimes. The ones that were engaged in battles were exonerated. Know your history.

  7. First of all, Gerson was “President George W. Bush's chief speechwriter from 2001 until June 2006, as a senior policy advisor from 2000 through June 2006, and was a member of the White House Iraq Group.”

    He’s a Republican, but Somerby includes him in “Our Town” because he writes for the Washington Post. Ok, whatever.

    But Gerson never discusses what children should be taught; he discusses what every thinking adult should know about history.

    Somerby wants to connect Gerson’s column with the debate over the teaching of history to “children”, (although much of the “anti-woke” GOP legislation around the country affects high schools, colleges and universities as well as lower grades).

    If Somerby wants to wade into the discussion about “critical race theory”, and its application, if there is one, to the teaching of history in K-12 public schools, then he ought to examine the actual kinds of classes and instructional materials that are being used and criticized, what the GOP is really objecting to and that they are giving their objections the force of law. They don’t even like discussing the fact that racism and slavery existed, and were the causes of the Civil War. Is Somerby going to suggest that it’s ok to exclude even that from the public schools?

    There should not, however, be a question of some false equivalence between two purportedly equally radical views that Somerby opposes as “woke” vs “anti-woke” for thinking adults, as Gerson puts it. In this context, “woke” simply means knowing the truth, which, according to Christian belief at any rate, will make you free.

    And I would wager that the number of adults who know that Lincoln ordered the execution of 38 Dakota men or that a huge massacre of blacks occurred in Tulsa in 1921 (now being discussed by the “woke” media) is woefully small.

    I also can’t imagine why an adult ought to be ignorant of history. Is Somerby afraid or offended to know the full extent of Lincoln’s actions? Did he teach myths or platitudes to his schoolchildren?

    1. Sometimes it seems to me that the people who want to go wah-wah-wah about the execution of 38 murderers and rapists are themselves ignorant of all the murder and rape that happened (or maybe they just don't care about SOME lives). Should we be aghast and horrified about the death of 38 and say nothing about the 493+ that were killed?

      Even the way you state it seems like less than a half truth "Lincoln ordered the execution of 38 Dakota men". Actually Lincoln stopped the execution of 264 Dakota men, and only allowed 39 to be executed (and another one was spared later).

      Too bad though, 87% is not a passing grade, not compared to the saintly perfection of a woke person.

    2. Gerson tries his hand at trashing Lincoln without providing the historical context, or he is just ignorant of history, although I can't imagine why he would want to be. Ironic considering his column is about being aware of history. It was the largest mass execution in U.S. history, but also the largest mass exoneration in U.S. history. There was a clamoring for executing all 303 prisoners, but Lincoln judiciously reviewed the charges against each prisoner and only chose the 38 that were guilty of participating in "massacres", exonerating the 265 involved in "battles." This is against the backdrop of the clamoring in Minnesota, where there had been brutal clashes between white settlers and Native Americans, for executing all 303, and the potential for a wholesale slaughtering of Native Americans if they weren't executed. There was even a Senate resolution calling for their execution. So, Lincoln actually saved lives and faced bitter recrimination for it, all while the Civil War to emancipate the slaves was raging.

    3. Comparing the Dakota executions with the Tulsa massacre shows how ignorant you are of history. They happened within completely different contexts. But I guess that it is "woke" to have no knowledge of context, and just push the fashionable ideology.

    4. mh is not equating or comparing those two events. He is suggesting that the public is ignorant of both of them.

  8. Is a lunch mob just like a flash mob, only with food?

  9. Hardy, har har har

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I truly thank the Washington Post for this nugget of information on Lincoln. The sooner we defund and dismantle the Lincoln Memorial and replace it with the George Floyd Memorial, the better. We should start a petition drive to make it happen--before a bunch of cities get burnt down.

    1. We suggest George Floyd riding a UFO.

    2. It's just a statue. Gloucon's attitude is interesting. He appears to feel like BLM coerces people and like stopping police from killing black people for no reason would be tantamount to abandoning Lincoln. It always amazes me that some people consider acknowledging the rights of others to be taking something away from themselves. Obviously, no one is going to tear down the Lincoln memorial, nor are they going to create a Floyd memorial, but Gloucon expresses a fear of being replaced that echoes the chants heard in Charlottesville. Despite the fact that violence is coming from the right, not the left.

    3. "violence is coming from the right"

      Right you are, dear dembot. In more than one sense.

    4. Anonymous May 30, 2021 at 8:33 AM, it works like this. All cops are bad because a couple of hundred (mostly armed) Blacks get killed by cops. All presidents are bad because they didn't stop the harm done to Blacks and other minorities throughout our history. So I support removing all monuments and images of those leaders and replacing them with stuff that honors the victims. Children should be taught about the heroic lives of George Floyd, Michael Brown, and Jacob Blake in great detail, not Lincoln.

    5. Glaucon X,
      There are dozens of police officers who don't commit felonies. They should each have a statue, too.

    6. We remember people for many reasons, not just for heroism. Floyd was a victim of police brutality. He was killed because of who Chauvin was, not because of who he was (good, bad or indifferent). Your assumption seems to be that statues only honor heroes. Was the Little Mermaid a hero? Was the Mannekin Pis a hero? A memorial is intended to remind people of something, not necessarily honor a person.

    7. BLM appears to be self-liquidating, though: another 'founder' quit last week. Someone named Rashad Turner. Disillusioned, poor fella.

      They are of no use to the liberal cult anymore. Or, rather, of no use for now. So, don't despair, dear Gloucon.

    8. Mao,
      You were funnier when you pretended you didn't love the Establishment.
      This lazy, standard-issue Right-wing bigotry you spout now is boring.

  12. "As to what we should tell the kids in school, that's a very difficult question."

    I don't think it is right to use children as an excuse for racism and other forms of bigotry.

    1. The Washington Post (Jeff Bezos) wants us to tell the kids which Presidents they should hate the most. And since we live under billionaire rule, that's what we're going to get. I guess it helps Bezos when we obsess over events that happened 160 years ago and not his own criminal sweatshops that are harming people today.

    2. Jeff Bezos is just a poor person with more money.
      Not smarter.
      Not more moral.
      Not better.
      And should definitely have no more say in how the country/ world is run than someone without a penny.

    3. Children aren't going to love or hate any president in history. Love and hate are feelings directed at people and names in books aren't real to children. These are games that adults are playing, using children as pawns.

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