EXPERIMENT'S END: Their team can't count to 81 million!


Our team can't count to fifty: We'd call the headline troubling—and the article's contents are worse!

When we arose this morning, the headline was being featured at the top of the Washington Post's web site. In this morning's print editions, it's bannered across the top of the Post's page A5.

In our view, the headline raises a major point of concern. Online, here's what the headline says:

Black activists say the time for pretty speeches is over. They need an action plan from Biden on voting rights.

Does Biden need "an action plan on voting rights?" We think of Hemingway as we respond:

Isn't it pretty to think so! 

Should Biden form an action plan? Given his lack of votes in the Senate, it's hard to know what such a plan would be. 

In fairness, it isn't just a group of frustrated activists who may be struggling to count to fifty. (Or perhaps to the larger number of votes a president actually needs to make things happen in the Senate.)

It isn't just a bunch of "black activists" who may be living in La-La Land, begging Biden for action. The Washington Post's editorial board seems sunk in the same magical thinking today, based on the editorial which appears beneath this headline:

This is why Democrats should push hard on voting rights

The editors want Biden to "push hard" too. But what exactly should he be pushing? The editors never quite say!

Our floundering nation is currently faced with a dueling set of fantasies. On the one hand, millions of Republican voters still believe, in the face of a total absence of evidence, that Donald J. Trump actually won the last White House election.

It might be said that these misinformed souls can't count as high as 81 million. That's the number of votes Candidate Biden won as he outpaced Candidate Trump by some seven million votes.

(Nationwide popular vote: Biden 81.3 million, Trump 74.2 million.)

It's true that our presidential elections aren't decided by the nationwide popular vote. But these millions of misinformed voters can't seem to conceive of the idea that the candidate they favored could possibly have been beaten in any conceivable way.

In this well-documented manner, millions of Republican voters are trapped in a web of mistaken belief. They can't seem to count as high as 81 million—but at the same time, our own endlessly self-impressed team can't seem to count to fifty!

We liberals! We've persistently failed to grasp the math defining our current political status. We've persisted in the silly idea that 50 out of 100 votes constitutes any sort of "majority" at all, let alone a working majority. And we now seem to think that 48 votes, or possibly fewer, may serve our needs just as well!

With only 48 votes in a realm where 50 or 60 are needed, what "action plan" is President Biden actually supposed to "push hard?" We don't have the slightest idea, but fantasy thinking dies hard on all sides. And here's the part of the Post's news report which we found most disturbing:

FELTON AND WOOTSON (1/12/22): More than a half-dozen groups that registered and mobilized millions of voters in advance of the 2020 election opted to boycott Biden’s speech, saying the president had not done enough to advance matters of racial equity, particularly voting rights. Some demonstrated near the campus of Clark Atlanta University. Others opted to live-tweet criticism or air their opinions on social media. Still others just did whatever they would normally do on a Tuesday afternoon. The absence of these groups is an ominous sign for the president, raising the question of whether he can again mobilize Black voters ahead of the crucial midterm elections.

As it turns out, Biden never had the votes he'd need to pass various types of legislation. This may explain why he's now drawing attention to fiery claims about Bull Connor and Jefferson Davis.

Why is he making such fiery statements? It may just be a way of distracting attention from the (apparent) fact that Build Back Better has failed.

Increasingly, it looks like Build Back Better has failed. On our tribe's favorite "cable news" shows, the stars have agreed to ignore that fact as they move to the calls for an "action plan" in this new arena—to the calls which don't seem to make sense.

Meanwhile, as frustrated activists lose faith in a political dream which never really made sense, it's increasingly possible that Biden won't be able to get out the base come next fall. The other tribe will show up and vote, but many of ours may stay home!

One team can't count to 81 million. The other can't count to fifty. Quite conceivably, this is one of the ways democracies can die.

The pro-Trump tribe is deeply sunk in wide arrays of false belief. People they trust tell them crazy things. They don't know that they're being fooled.

Over Here in our self-impressed tribe, we've established a long list of false beliefs and implausible notions too. We think it's well past time when we should lay them out. 

Tomorrow, for starters, we'll return to Kenosha—to a set of tragic tales.

Tomorrow: Our discourse runs on the rocket fuel known as the novelized tale


  1. "Does Biden need "an action plan on voting rights?""

    You bet, dear Bob.

    The practice of brazen disenfranchisement of dead voters has gone for far too long! It must stop!! NOW!!!

    1. You didn't say what the action plan is.

    2. All the dead voters claimed by the right were found to be alive and well. Funny that.

  2. "Isn't it pretty to think so! "

    Today, Somerby grabs a Hemingway quote, the last line of The Sun Also Rises, and ignores the meaning given by Hemingway in the context of a frustrated love relationship and instead pretends it has something to do with the need to secure voting rights in our country against a minority party who thinks it should nevertheless be in power.

    What on this good earth does that quote have to do with anything related to this specific situation? Nothing at all. And those of us who care about Hemingway have to watch Somerby disregard, trample over, the meaning inherent in the book's context, which is poignant yet hopeful.

    Is Somerby poignant or hopeful. No. He is churning his doomsday machine to discourage Democrats and urge us to give up trying to ensure that everyone can vote. Hemingway would certainly not approve of that.

    1. It would be more interesting if you addressed the actual substance of what he writes.

    2. You never address the substance. Do we have a long list of false beliefs and implausible notions? Is it well past time when we should lay them out?

    3. 12:30–
      The substance of this post was specific - voting rights. Not some long unspecified laundry list.

    4. Does Biden need "an action plan on voting rights?" What would it be if he had one?

    5. What would exactly would it mean if Biden were to "push hard" on voting rights? What exactly should he be pushing?

    6. Well done. I predict no substantive response to the above two questions. It's easier to harp on surface issues.

    7. I don’t normally respond to sock puppets (“rationalist” lol), but here goes:
      The Post editorial was aimed at Democrats, not solely at Biden, and made this statement:
      “Despite Mr. Biden’s stirring words, the legislation’s prospects are murky, at best.”

      That hardly seems to be engaging in magical thinking. The editorial lays out the reasons why voting rights are important.

      The other article has a quote from one of the activists:

      “do we need to acknowledge that the Republican crime caucus is so effective . . . that there‘s nothing that our president and vice president or Democrats in the Senate can do and we just need to focus on turnout?”

      Again, he’s asking for a plan, but acknowledges the possibility of failure, but still mentions focusing on turnout. That doesn’t sound like abandoning the fight.

      Biden, being the leader of the Democratic Party, is going to be asked to lead. No one said it would be easy.

      It doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask for an action plan. If you’re going to give a speech about the importance of voting rights, one hopes it might amount to more than rhetoric.
      If failure is a certainty (is it?), then the activists are right to want to be told that truth.

      Was that substantive enough for you, or are you only interested in making snide comments?

    8. That doesn't address either of the questions, so no it was not substantive.

      Snide comments and sock puppets? Wow your projection is incredible.

    9. Someone told Cecelia a while back to focus on substance instead of making quips attacking people. Someone else said that trolls here never make substantive comments.

      I suspect that this particular troll is trying to turn those words into his own form of trolling, so that his hurt feelings about his quips being unappreciated can be turned against those who discuss things here in comments. It is juvenile, especially since just asking for more substance isn't substantive, but is just another attack on other commenters.

      Recalling that all conservative accusations are actually confessions, of course Rationalist is a sock puppet. That doesn't mean that anyone else is.

      My own opinion of the substance of Somerby's post has been stated here today. This troll seems to dislike it when someone wants to comment on something not directly on topic, but related to Somerby's post by quoted material. I'm not sure the troll knows what it means to be substantive. I would boil it down to writing about something other than criticizing other commenters or calling Democrats dembots or zombies.

    10. But you are the troll. What is a troll but someone who comments multiple times a day on "things not directly on topic"? Without question, you are the troll.

    11. Did average folks know how to tell LBJ how to get the civil rights acts passed in the face of significant opposition from his own party? No, but he found a way.

      Biden is the one with 45 years of political experience. He is the one tasked with finding the answer, if there is one. Not having his experience, I don’t know exactly what to tell him to do. Neither do many of these activists. But that doesn’t mean they should stop applying pressure to him, even granting the difficulty of the present moment.

      Having said that, I believe that speeches and admonishments are actually an important part of an action plan. It’s worth remembering that not all the Dem senators and Angus King were at the same place a year ago as they are now, so some progress has been made.

    12. I'm not the troll. You're the troll.

      Who does that remind me of? I know:

      "I'm not the puppet, you're the puppet!"

      Donald Trump said that to Hillary Clinton during their debate.

    13. What is a troll but someone who comments multiple times a day on "things not directly on topic"?

    14. It is someone who comments multiple times a day on whether things are directly on topic or not...

    15. What can a president do to pass legislation? This is perhaps one of those dumb questions someone asks in class to get the prof off their schedule and run out the clock. Presidents can persuade via appeals to the public, and through bargaining with congressional members. This is not news, it is understood by most kids in high school.

      The reason why Dems do not have a list, much less long, of false beliefs and implausible notions is because Dems exist to progress society into an ever better-functioning state serving an ever increasing amount of people through tools like science, social science, data, and morality.

      This is the exact opposite of their opposing party, the Republicans, who always tended to be conservative but in the last 50 years have become Reactionary. You can not stop progress with truisms and sensible policies; there is little choice but to either engage with progress or manufacture ignorance. Progress means greater equity and less inequality, so Republicans have chosen the manufacturing ignorance route.

      Somerby's supposed defeatism (really who is he kidding?) is not justified by any evidence. When basic human needs that are met by nearly every other industrialized country are seen as an idealized utopia, you are either ignorant or operating in bad faith with a broken moral compass.

  3. "It isn't just a bunch of "black activists" who may be living in La-La Land, begging Biden for action."

    In the film, the term "La-La Land" doesn't refer to fantasy but to Los Angeles, where people go with dreams and struggle to make them come true. And many do, since this is the capitol of the entertainment industry and it thrives on new talent.

    But who cares what the word actually refers to -- Somerby feels free to use words in whatever personal way he wishes, much as schizophrenics do, and an occasional poet such as Lewis Carroll:

    "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things." "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master—that's all."

    This is amusing because obviously the question is whether one wishes to communicate effectively or whether one is engaged in gaslighting. Redefining known words to have different self-serving meanings in also how the totalitarian autocracy worked in the Novel 1984, where Orwell says:

    “It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words.”

    1. Lalaland is a colloquial term for “being out of touch with reality,” usually due to bliss or ignorance.

    2. And, as I said, it doesn't necessarily mean that those who are pursuing dreams will be unsuccessful. In the movie, the characters were successful despite obstacles. It raises questions about who gets to decide whether someone else's quest is realistic or not.

      Given that Los Angeles is a bastian of liberaldom in a deeply blue state, how do you know which meaning Somerby intended? Are you the new Somerby whisperer?

    3. From context.

    4. The context could go either way, given the politics of Los Angeles, as I just said.

    5. When I read about people "who may be living in La-La Land" and others are "sunk in the same magical thinking" it feels to me like a clear usage of the term to imply that they are out of touch with reality, their actually physical location (maybe it is Los Angeles!) notwithstanding.

      Perhaps I'm way off base and have made an error in logic here somewhere, and it was actually being implied that those black activists were living in Los Angeles and not that they were out of touch with reality.

    6. He probably means both. Trumpies refer to the coasts when they want to talk about elitist liberals. Somerby lived in CA for high school and apparently didn't like it much. The black activists boycotting the speech in GA were not from Los Angeles, but La-La Land is specifically Los Angeles, and not some mythical realm in the movie. And people do call LA that name, usually derogatorily.

      My point was that La La Land manufactures unreality in the form of entertainment, but the people who go there to pursue their dreams (aka ambitions) do succeed, so chiding someone for being unrealistic may backfire when someone works hard and succeeds in an unlikely way. Somerby takes that a big step forward by implying that dreams are NEVER realized. He is deeply immersed in Debbie Downer territory with respect to any Democratic goals, whether it is winning in 2024 or passing beneficial legislation that the majority of the populace wants to see enacted.

    7. Ironically LA is in CA, the 5th largest economy in the world. It is by far the most significant state in America. Increasingly, if you live in CA, it does not matter what happens in the rest of the country; the weather is nice every day, you can get an abortion, smoke weed, breathe air less polluted by vehicle emissions, enjoy people of all cultures, and soon enjoy some version of "medicare for all". That's just the tip of the iceberg, but we in CA would rather you stay where you are, so let's refrain from excessively enticing.

  4. "We liberals! We've persistently failed to grasp the math defining our current political status. "

    Somerby wants to blame the math, pretending that two of the Democrats who serve as senators are actually Republicans. But it isn't the math that is the problem -- it is the intransigence of two Democrats who have not only refused to follow their own party, but also refuse to join the other party either. That isn't the math Somerby thinks it is. Biden and the Democratic leadership in the Senate have levers to sway both Sinema and Manchin, if they choose to use them. Because politics is a matter of compromise and power and horse-trading, not simply voting according to party affiliation (as the Republicans have made it on their side of the aisle, through party discipline, which has still failed in the case of Liz Cheney and occasional other wayward Republican senators on specific issues).

    It is clear Somerby wants to blame progressives and black activists, but it isn't clear whether things are simplistic as he claims, nor is it clear that Biden will not act given the pressure being put upon him by factions of his own party. But Somerby is telling Democrats to give up, sit down and shut up about voting rights. That is unacceptable from someone who himself claims to be liberal. However this plays out, the answer to Republican maneuvering is never to give up and go home. Democratic voters are watching.

  5. "Increasingly, it looks like Build Back Better has failed."

    No, it simply has not passed yet.

    1. Ie. it has failed to pass.

    2. All bills fail to pass until they do. Reports are that Biden and Manchin are both still working on BBB. It isn't up to Somerby to declare it dead.

    3. He didn't. You're misrepresenting what he said.

    4. He said: "Increasingly, it looks like Build Back Better has failed."

      Failed = dead

      Failed does not mean "not yet passed". Dead means no one is still working to pass it.

  6. "Meanwhile, as frustrated "activists lose faith in a political dream which never really made sense, it's increasingly possible that Biden won't be able to get out the base come next fall."

    This is ridiculous. Why is Somerby echoing the "Democrats in disarray" theme in the face of the major accomplishments Biden has already achieved? Why is he claiming that nothing more will be done? Why does he think that key elements of Build Back Better cannot be repackaged and pursued in an altered form that is more palatable to Manchin and Sinema?

    And why on earth would Somerby think that Democrats have lost faith in important initiatives such as addressing climate change, extending child care payments, and providing funding for the other important parts of BBB? Biden isn't going to stop being president simply because someone like Manchin is playing games.

    But what is up with Somerby's wishful thinking about Democrats stopping their acitivites and succumbing to the deadlock Republicans are trying to impose? Democrats will be working harder, not giving up, in the face of the current situation.

    Somerby WANTS Democrats to be discouraged and give up. His doom and gloom is intended to feed into despair, not encourage renewed effort. Somerby has not written any kind of call to arms. He writes what a conservative would say, the kinds of words that Tokyo Rose whispered to American troops at sea, give up, your fight is useless, go home to your family and forget your duty. Because Somerby is no liberal and he doesn't want Biden to succeed. That's why he calls Democratic legislative goals "false beliefs" and tells us to give up on them as impossible. Don't listen.

  7. Rittenhouse is having the time of his life -- nothing tragic has happened to him as the result of his killing two unarmed men and shooting another who tried to stop him! Somerby wouldn't know tragic if it bit him on the ass.

  8. “The absence of these groups is an ominous sign for the president, raising the question of whether he can again mobilize Black voters ahead of the crucial midterm elections.”

    Does Somerby buy this journalistic portrayal of the situation of the moment? He seems to. Or at least pretends to. Time was he might push back against this kind of media narrative. But then Biden isn’t named “Al Gore.”

  9. From reading the article, it isn’t clear that the activists quoted are ignorant of the math. They mostly seem to criticize Biden and the Democratic Party for not devoting enough time and energy to voting rights. And it isn’t clear that they plan to boycott Biden or the Democrats in the upcoming elections, as much as that narrative would please beltway journalists.

    We’re not even at the end of this journey yet. But journalists love to pronounce death sentences based on some momentary problem.

    The old Somerby would have noted that.

  10. “The absence of these groups is an ominous sign for the president, raising the question of whether he can again mobilize Black voters ahead of the crucial midterm elections.”

    “These groups” does not equal “Black voters.”

  11. Crafty old bigot that he is, Somerby's message over the past week is still clear. He has juxtaposed an essay on gerrymandering in which he describes wasted votes in urban areas, with an essay on the futility of trying to pass voting rights legislation and the harm it may do Biden in the Fall if he tries and fails. Somerby's point it that Democrats should stop wasting political capital on minority voters who will only constitute more "wasted" votes should they vote in larger numbers in the cities where they live. But he doesn't come right out and say so, perhaps because he recognizes that liberals value civil rights and would reject an argument based on abandoning the minority segments of our base (or anyone for that matter) in exchange for political gain or expediency.

    Somerby's argument is offensive on its face. That may be why he has disguised it slightly, instead of stating it outright. By ignoring that the current coalition includes progressives and many other Democrats concerned about voting rights for ALL voters, Somerby's racial reasoning is more evident.

    I find it offensive that Somerby implies that the vote of any citizen is "wasted," but it is even more offensive when he implies that certain votes are expendable and not worth fighting for, because they belong to those inhabiting what the right calls "shithole urban areas".

    Somerby's vote is safe, but he apparently doesn't think the votes of other people are worth fighting for. That is his problem, not ours. He once again doesn't care about important liberal values (civil rights, small d democracy, access to the vote for ALL), which makes him a piss poor Democrat, if he even is one at all. He sounds more like Trump every day.

  12. Bob,
    No need to soft-pedal your bigotry. Just say you will not run, and will not accept the Republican nomination for President in 2024, and you can loudly and proudly tell us your real feelings about how blacks are lazy and shiftless.

    1. Hmmm... another blank blogger profile with 3 profile views. Couldn't possibly be anyone we know.

  13. Yes, we'd all love action on voting rights, but what is Biden supposed to do given the make up of the Senate?

    1. 1. Wheel and deal with Manchin and Sinema, the way LBJ did.
      2. Put additional pressure on them via their lobbyists and funders and major supporters, similar to the way the Coal Miner's Union has been doing.
      3. Use the stick of senatorial procedure to threaten to remove them from their committee assignments and to reapportion "pork" to their states.
      4. Threaten to withhold support for bills and causes they care about, to pressure them to cooperate in the process of revising BBB to be acceptable to them.
      5. Threaten to primary them, the way Trump does, or withhold campaign funding by approaching Democratic donors.
      6. Threaten to use publicity to undermine them in their states, affecting their electability.

      What they are currently doing is building public support for voting rights, so that the public in Arizona and West Virginia will pressure their senators as their constituents. Meanwhile, I am sure that there are ongoing efforts to obtain support from Manchin & Sinema behind the scenes.

      They are also shining a spotlight on voting rights issues so that Republican efforts to change procedures both locally and nationally will meet with increased resistance. This visibility will make this another issue in 2022 midterms to GOTV for Democrats. So there is value in pursuing this, no matter what the outcome with Manchin & Sinema.

  14. Hmmm... extra sock puppets out today. Bob must have touched a nerve!

    1. The same people who call other commenters "sock puppets" are likely to think everyone doesn't get to vote in elections because their votes are wasted.

    2. I only post as Rationalist. Now go ahead, say the same lie again that you only post with one identity. Then maybe post a long screed about the value of being honest, I could use some more irony today.

    3. Ah, retreating to the last bastion of defense. Alas, I don't have the tools or desire to hack into the network and prove all your IP addresses are the same.

      But you know I'm right and that's enough for me.

    4. Is anonymous an identity? I don't think so. The word means: "not identified by name".

    5. How many blogger accounts do you think someone can have at the same IP address? Both mh and Corby are using blogger accounts, not just nyms. I'm not sure you are right about this. I know that I am not Rationalist, not mh, not Mao, not AC/MA, not anyone else here except Corby. If I know I am not them, I would know if they were posting as me too. They aren't.

      I think you are making accusations you cannot back up and that is uncivil, especially when it means nothing since the names are not the content of anyone's comment. It is the ideas that matter in comments, not the names, which may even be stupid, like yours Rationalist.

    6. Asking for proof of a charge made against me isn’t the “last bastion” of defense. It’s the very first. It’s called put up or shut up. If it’s so important to you to believe that somebody is commenting under multiple nyms, including ones with blogger accounts and anonymous, I would ask why it’s so important, and secondly, that you should disabuse yourself of that notion by taking the time and effort to verify that it is not, in fact, true. You look like a fool otherwise.

      You are not being rational by making such a charge with no evidence.

      Do you even have a blogger account?

    7. Like a moth to a flame. Now let's hear from Anonymous and Berto!

    8. Corby writes...

      "Both mh and Corby"


    9. Whoops? I am Corby. I wrote that. I am not mh and never was. I don't know what you think you've proved, because I referred to my screen name in my own post. You have to be some kind of moron to take that as signifying anything.

    10. Anonymous is not a name. It is the absence of a name.

    11. I created the Corby blogger account years ago because deadrat kept complaining that people weren't using nyms. I explained why I dislike nyms, but here is another excellent example. Rationalist thinks he can know something about someone via their name. He cannot, but he has been making himself obnoxious by claiming that different people are writing using different names, as if that meant anything.

      I don't like having my words attributed to anyone else, but I especially don't like someone accusing other people of being me. I am going back to using anonymous exclusively. If Rationalist doesn't like it, too bad.

      If Rationalist had half a clue, he could tell the difference between us by our writing styles and content. He is too dumb for that. That's his problem, not mine or mh's or anyone else's. For all he can tell, we could all be Somerby and he wouldn't notice.

    12. “ I explained why I dislike nyms, but here is another excellent example. Rationalist thinks he can know something about someone via their name. He cannot, but he has been making himself obnoxious by claiming that different people are writing using different names, as if that meant anything.

      I don't like having my words attributed to anyone else, but I especially don't like someone accusing other people of being me. I am going back to using anonymous exclusively. ”

      Oh, this makes sense…

    13. There was a nym here once (a Somerby fanboy) who thought quite highly of themselves but were just a copy and paste warrior, and me just a meager anonymous found a way to engage with them that exposed their emptiness, and, rightfully embarrassed, they ran off never to be seen again. Satisfying I suppose, but in the end it was a win for better discourse.


    This is Somerby's heading today. The Great Experiment is, of course, democracy.

    It is difficult to understand what Somerby means by this title. Is he suggesting that our nation's democracy is ending? Some people feel it is threatened, but I haven't read anyone saying it is over yet. Is he suggesting that protecting voting rights is important to preventing the end? Many Democrats feel that way. But mostly, I don't see any current event significant enough to constitute the end of democracy or even be a threat to it, short of last year's 1/6 attempted coup, which failed.

    So, what exactly is Somerby referring to? At the end of his essays, Somerby tends to throw in the kitchen sink as he bemoans the death of reason, humanity's inability to do anything right, and so on. But none of that is real, and it doesn't add up to the demise of our current political system either.

    The phrase does make Somerby sound a bit hysterical, but it is even remotely possible that Somerby is rooting for the end, since he points out repeatedly that we are all failing and there is nothing anyone can do about it. In that case, he may be rubbing it in our faces, that the right has us over a barrel and we are "owned" as they say among The Others. But if so, he hasn't made a case for that either.

    It doesn't make any sense to me, nothing in his essay justifies it, and he apparently doesn't wish to explain, so that makes it his personal meaning, and the only people who routinely use such phrases with personal meanings are paranoid schizophrenics and other people losing their grip.

    The doesn't suggest that Somerby is the best person to be lecturing to Democrats about losing their grip on reality.

  16. Because everyone is a media junkie these days we kind of forget local politics are a thing. It's not just Manchin and Fauci and Geraldo Rivera.

    Republicans are getting elected in local elections across the country. They aren't waiting to see what happens in Congress and neither should anyone else.

    1. So are Democrats getting elected locally. Depends where you live.

  17. Here is a plan for the Democrats, offered by The Root, a black newsletter:


  18. Today Mitt Romney said on the senate floor: "Press Biden goes down the same tragic road taken by Pres Trump, casting doubt on the reliability of American elections."

    Somerby isn't the only one comparing Trump's big lie to Biden's voting rights claims. Coincidence? I think not! Somerby often raises conservative memes and talking points at the same time as they are being discussed on the right. But we're supposed to think he is a liberal, a member of our tribe. Who seriously follows Mitt Romney's tweets on the left? No liberal I know.


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