EXPERIMENT'S END: When President Kennedy went to Berlin...


...some challenges may have been simpler: Is the nation in which we all live "coming apart at the seams?"

We're not sure how to answer your question. To some extent, it all depends on what the meaning of "coming apart at the seams" is!

That said, today's New York Times includes two columns which explicitly suggest that we're "coming apart." 

One column appears beneath this headline:

We Need to Think the Unthinkable About Our Country

"The United States as we know it could come apart at the seams," that column's authors explicitly say. And then, there's the new column today by David Brooks. 

The headline there comes right out and says it. In this morning's New York Times, the David Brooks headline says this:

America Is Falling Apart at the Seams

In his column, Brooks presents a substantial list of indications that things are falling apart. He includes a steady rise in drug deaths and an alarming increase in hate crimes.

That said, why is our nation coming undone? After citing the usual suspects, Brooks says he just doesn't know:

BROOKS (1/14/22): What the hell is going on? The short answer: I don’t know. I also don’t know what’s causing the high rates of depression, suicide and loneliness that dogged Americans even before the pandemic and that are the sad flip side of all the hostility and recklessness I’ve just described.

We can round up the usual suspects: social media, rotten politics. When President Donald Trump signaled it was OK to hate marginalized groups, a lot of people were bound to see that as permission.


But there must also be some spiritual or moral problem at the core of this. Over the past several years, and over a wide range of different behaviors, Americans have been acting in fewer pro-social and relational ways and in more antisocial and self-destructive ways. But why?

As a columnist, I’m supposed to have some answers. But I just don’t right now. I just know the situation is dire.

That's the way his column ends. He says the situation is dire.

We tend to agree with that assessment. Indeed, experts have been telling us, for quite a few years, that the game has already been lost. We began citing Norman O. Brown's dire words from 1966 (see below) as far back as 2009.

A "silent secession" has already happened, those major top scholars all tell us. Already, we've ceased to be a nation at all, let alone a functioning nation. This fact will only become more clear, these despondent top experts all say.

(Also in this morning's Times: "R.N.C. Signals a Pullout From Presidential Debates." The next step in the silent secession!)

To his credit, David Brooks says he doesn't know why this meltdown is happening. A few weeks back, we thought about this very question, and we came up with three major points.

For a reason we can't remember, our rumination was based around President Kennedy's trip to Berlin in June 1963. The president had five months left to live. When he gave his famous speech in Berlin, he lived in a quite different world:

Our nation's identity crisis: It's hard to remember how much more homogeneous the nation was at that time. 

We were a largely vanilla nation at the time of Kennedy's election. With a population of 180 million souls, we broke down roughly as shown in terms of ethnicity / "race:"

United States population, 1960
White: 84.5%
Black: 10.5%
Hispanic: 3.2%
Asian-American: 0.5%

Our family moved from Massachusetts to California in the summer of 1960. We were entering the eighth grade, and also a much better world.

Because of that move, we were lucky enough to go to school with Hispanic and Asian (and Jewish!) kids. And yes, our brand-new, baby-boom era, Cali high school had Hispanic and Asian pom-pom girls, Hispanic and Asian class presidents.

Eddie Diaz was our twenty-something basketball coach. At the time, he was the third-leading scorer in San Jose State history, though we mistakenly thought he stood first. 

Regional anomalies to the side, the nation was largely a two-race collection. Today, an amazing array of identities crowd the stage, and everyone has a complaint.

Those complaints may all be perfectly valid. But it's hard to run a giant nation with a gigantic array of identity groups—and the complaints will often be poorly stated, as it has been within our species ever since we first crawled on the land.

It's hard to run a very large nation which is demographically fragmented, whether by religion, language or "race." This isn't the "fault" of any particular person or group, but it's a fairly obvious fact, widely observed worldwide.

The democratization of media: Back then, there were two ways you could get your news, such as it was. You could get it from Walter Cronkite, or you could get it from David Brinkley. Those were your two basic choices.

Neither man was perfect, of course, but neither man was crazy. It was hard to hear ludicrous statements back then. Today, the promulgation of ludicrous statements and slanted frameworks is a gigantic growth industry.

Tucker Carlson is part of that powerful problem. So is Rachel Maddow. 

(So is the trusted professor whore recently told us that Kyle Rittenhouse was pursuing Joseph Rosenbaum on that unfortunate night in Kenosha. So is Ali Velshi, who let that ridiculous statement pass, as our favorite stars constantly do when they speak with their corporate and brand-assigned "friends.")

This sprawling democratization has been a type of disaster. On the brighter side, the profit margins and the salaries can be amazingly good at the top of the pile.

The external enemy rules: When President Kennedy went to Berlin, he derided the way the Soviet bloc had been forced to build walls around East Berlin to keep its citizens in. This made us look good by comparison:

KENNEDY (6/26/63): Two thousand years ago, the proudest boast was "civis Romanus sum." Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is "Ich bin ein Berliner." ["I am a Berliner."]

There are many people in the world who really don't understand, or say they don't, what is the great issue between the free world and the Communist world. Let them come to Berlin. 

There are some who say that communism is the wave of the future. Let them come to Berlin. 

And there are some who say, in Europe and elsewhere, we can work with the Communists. Let them come to Berlin. 

And there are even a few who say that it is true that communism is an evil system, but it permits us to make economic progress. Lass' sie nach Berlin kommen. Let them come to Berlin!

Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in, to prevent them from leaving us... 

Our democracy isn't perfect, the vibrant young president said. Two months later, Birmingham Sunday occurred.

Still and all, the Soviet Union was the perfect external enemy. In first grade, we'd been taught to hide beneath our desks if or when the nuclear war ever came to Winchester, Mass. A potent external enemy can be a great source of fear, and thus a great unifying force. 

It was actually hard to hear crazy statements back then. Locked in a truly scary Cold War, we tended to trust our leaders. Sometimes, we downplayed our own historical disasters, which were of course still going on.

Today, it's pretty much Crazy and Stupid pretty much all the way down. The profit margins can be very good, but our nation has already come apart—and yes, we liberals have done this too.

Our stars churn novelized Storyline all night long each night. Our tribes are almost completely unable to see this, just as it ever was.

Still coming: Kenosha novelized

Norman O. Brown was very hot: And he sometimes thought he saw this:

BROWN (1966): I sometimes think I see that societies originate in the discovery of some secret, some mystery; and end in exhaustion when there is no longer any secret, when the mystery has been divulged, that is to say profaned...And so there comes a time—I believe we are in such a time—when civilization has to be renewed by the discovery of some new mysteries, by the undemocratic but sovereign power of the imagination, by the undemocratic power which makes poets the unacknowledged legislators of all mankind, the power which makes all things new.

Norman O. Brown was very hot at the time. Everyone was reading his books. He made that statement in a Phi Beta Kappa speech, not in one of his books. We don't recall how we knew that.

We also have no idea what he actually meant. But we began recalling those words in 2009, and they do seem clairvoyant today.

Are we "ending in exhaustion?" Doesn't it seem a bit like that?


  1. When you are entering an election between an incumbent president and a challenger, it is in the challenger's interest to portray the country as a mess, "coming apart at the seams". The party that is out of power tries everything it can to undermine and malign the performance of the incumbent.

    The question is why Somerby joins the Republicans by participating in that effort, giving his own column space to Brooks and himself relentlessly claiming that this is the End of life as we know it, politically speaking. What liberal would do that to his own party's president coming into midterm elections and in preparation for 2024?

    Ironically, the Republicans who are wailing about the demise of our country are the very ones causing problems in our democracy, blocking legislation, gerrymandering and threatening harsh treatment of colleagues should they the majority. If our country is falling apart, it is arguably the fault of conservatives, up to and including their refusal to help fight covid, the biggest disruption to our country's ongoing prosperity. They are the ones who plotted and executed an attempted coup. They are the ones stonewalling an investigation. They are the ones continuing to block progress on protecting our country from climate change, which is the biggest threat right now, not any of the stuff Somerby regularly bleats about. In my opinion, step one in healing our country is to fight what the Republicans have done to it.


    1. When you are entering an election between an incumbent president and a challenger, it is in the challenger's interest to portray the country as a mess, "coming apart at the seams". The party that is out of power tries everything it can to undermine and malign the performance of the incumbent.

      The question is why Somerby joins the Republicans by participating in that effort, ”

      Because Somerby isn’t a political operative, but rather a guy who truly fears that the country is dividing in half.

    2. Why would someone who truly fears divisiveness contribute to it daily with the polarizing shit he writes here?

    3. For the same reason he tries to pass himself off as a liberal: For kicks. After he posts, he no doubt jags off to his own lies.

    4. You mean why why.would Somerby see things differently than you and I see them?

      Cuz he can?

    5. Reframing the question to change it's meaning away from something you dislike is a pointless, empty exercise; amusing as the "mic drop" at the end is, huzzah!

      Why does Somerby say stupid stuff?

      Cuz he can?

      zzzzinnnnnggggggggg! Don't even look back.

      Somerby's discourse is so weak and muddled, it has it's own internal contradictions. And also it's own unique fans, more power to them.

  2. Norman Brown was so hot that I never heard of him while I was in college in the mid-60s. Looking at him now, he made no sense. Why is Somerby even talking about him? Does he think this kind of reference will ensure his cred as a liberal? Hardly.


  3. "Tucker Carlson is part of that powerful problem. So is Rachel Maddow."

    Puh-leez, dear Bob, enough of your bullshit "both sides do it" mantra.

    There are no "both sides", and Tucker Carlson is part of a solution.

    It's your liberal cult that does all 100% of hate-mongering.

    No one attacks people wearing masks. You want to wear a mask - or 10 masks! - suit yourself. No one despises people who want to get 'vaccinated'. No one, except your hitlerian cult, declares any 'races' a 'problem', or 'oppressor', or whatever.

    Get real, dear. Looking for the problem? Look in the mirror.

    1. Has Tucker Carlson ever explained why he jumped the line to get the vaccine before those with higher health vulnerabilities?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. It's a spiritual problem. Our religious institutions failed us and we haven't come up with anything yet to replace them. The partisanship, blaming and anger is projection as we are all deeply full of anger which we don't know what to do with. And our consumer society doesn't fill our spiritual needs. It actually creates bigger ones.

    1. And people put their religious impulses into political parties and obviously that has been and will continue to be completely disastrous.

    2. @12:15, if that were true, then you would expect higher suicide rates, more drug abuse, more anger and blaming among atheists than among religious people. That isn't what studies show.

    3. Please link to the studies.

    4. (Atheism is a religion.)

    5. Atheism is not a religion - it does not involve anything supernatural, nor rituals, nor faith.

      Lower religiosity does indicate happier, healthier societies:


    6. That article doesn't say one word about suicide rates, anger or drug abuse. But atheists don't really matter anyway. There are no atheists in foxholes. I appreciate what you are trying to say though.

    7. So strange you would make a claim, get asked to back it up and then provide a link that doesn't. Atheists are usually smarter than that.

    8. God, it totally makes sense this post-industrial mess would start producing dumb atheists.

    9. "There are no atheists in foxholes" is a truism without truth. War actually tends to make people question their faith - the problem of evil. Indeed people tend to exclaim "god" more when they are enjoying themselves (I will leave the details to your imagination). Modern society has been about turning away from fear and dominance, and that is a good thing.

      The article does not say, but it refers to studies that do say, so your point is specious:

      "The more secular tend to fare better than the more religious on a vast host of measures, including homicide and violent crime rates, poverty rates, obesity and diabetes rates, child abuse rates, educational attainment levels, income levels, unemployment rates, rates of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy, etc. "

      Atheists do matter, Americans are rapidly joining the rest of the world in dropping their religious affiliation. If you are religious, do not fear, you will always have the freedom of religion, you just won't be able to force your religious values on others.

    10. I'll take Dostoevsky over Sam Harris thank you very much. ;)

    11. I have no interest in either.

      Sam Harris' islamophobia is disgusting as well as his platforming racists.

      Storytelling does more harm than good.

      Cmon dude, I could have told you to clean up your room.

    12. No interest in Dostoevsky? You're missing out on some intellectual gold! Trumpism and many other things are completely explained in Notes From the Underground. It's only a like 50 pages. Turn off your computer and go for it!!

      Or you can keep working towards a world where humans eliminate rituals, faith, supernatural concepts and storytelling! Awesome!!! We can eliminate all of those and there will be no more drug abuse and suicide! :D hahahahha

  6. Humans need rest and a social life to shake off the pain of daily life. Well, having those things is a little too communist thank you very much. Get back to your Door dash delivery.

  7. Ish bin ein Berliner actually means "I am a pastry." A "Berliner" is a traditional German sweet dough pastry, fried in oil or fat, filled with marmalade or jam, and covered with a sweet icing made of sugar; much like a cross between a jelly doughnut and a Danish.

    1. Ich not ish

      Nothing was easy to airlift. But why would someone need to airlift a pastry that was native to both East and West Berlin?

    2. For the same reason water was airlifted.

  8. Surprise, surprise! Somerby faceplants once again: it is on video Rittenhouse pursuing Rosenbaum, taunting him, and then running away; Somerby calls this "ridiculous", except it is on video. Oops

    Oof even worse, JFK said "We are a nation of immigrants". Vanilla? Somerby flexing his anti-woke, nice.

    And much worse, Somerby claims things were better in 1960, with Vietnam, the Cold War, civil rights lacking, lynchings, rampant sexism, corporations polluting at will, etc.

    A total self-own from Zomerby today.


    1. Can you read?

      “Our democracy isn't perfect, the vibrant young president said. Two months later, Birmingham Sunday occurred.

      Still and all, the Soviet Union was the perfect external enemy. In first grade, we'd been taught to hide beneath our desks if or when the nuclear war ever came to Winchester, Mass. A potent external enemy can be a great source of fear, and thus a great unifying force.

      It was actually hard to hear crazy statements back then. Locked in a truly scary Cold War, we tended to trust our leaders. Sometimes, we downplayed our own historical disasters, which were of course still going on.”

      Also link the video of Rittenhouse chasing Rosenbaum.

    2. "A potent external enemy can be a great source of fear, and thus a great unifying force."

      Meh. Sure, external enemy is useful, but only when the establishment has a monopoly on propaganda.

      It ain't 1960 anymore, dear Bob, and it ain't so easy to frighten everyone. It's a different environment. No one (with a functioning brain) trusts the establishment politicians and the establishment media anymore: too much bullshit. It doesn't matter that they repeat it 69000 times a day.

      We read just a few minutes ago that that only 10% trust the establishment media's COVID porn. Ten percent, dear Bob.

    3. Cecelia, quoting parts of Somerby's essay is not actually a refutation of what @4:08 said.

      1. There is video of Rittenhouse taunting Rosenbaum. I have seen it myself. When Somerby continues to claim that it does not exist, he is basing his claims on only what was presented in court, but not all of the info appeared in court testimony. Somerby on that basis calls a professor a whore. But it is Somerby who is wrong about this.

      2. I agree that JFK would not have supported Somerby's claim about Vanilla America. There were still 10% African Americans (compared to 12% now). Somerby's claim that regional variations had different demographics overlooks the FACT that we all live in specific regions of the US with their own demographics, not in some mythical homogenized overall US. There are no blacks in Idaho but there were nearly 60% minorities (black and Hispanic) in Chicago in the late 1960s, white people lived in the suburbs. Somerby's contention that there were not Jewish people in Boston is ridiculous, but he perhaps didn't get outside his Brookline neighborhood much. If you lived in New York City, you would meet a wide variety of immigrants, and Los Angeles was similar, including Jewish, Russian, Persian, Korean and Japanese, and Mexican immigrants. This was in the 60s -- now LA is the most diverse city in the nation. LA does not have the problems Somerby complains about with managing its differences. Those are problems that previously white neighborhoods have when they don't wish to welcome diversity to their town. JFK, whatever else he was, was not a bigot. Somerby, on the other hand, is letting his bigotry show today.

    4. Anonymouse 6:37pm, what part of “Kennedy had five months to live” do you not understand?

      Please link the video of Rittenhouse chasing and mocking Rosenbaum.

    5. “There is video of Rittenhouse taunting Rosenbaum. I have seen it myself. When Somerby continues to claim that it does not exist, he is basing his claims on only what was presented in court, but not all of the info appeared in court testimony. Somerby on that basis calls a professor a whore. But it is Somerby who is wrong about this.”

      Anonymouse 6:34pm, I’ve never seen this claim posted before today.

      I’ve never seen Somerby refute it.

      Please link to both of your claims.

    6. The link to the video is already posted. It is the FBI surveillance footage. Rittenhouse killed Rosenbaum in cold blood and without reason. Afterwards Rittenhouse clearly got off on it, you can see him weirdly galloping around like he just scored a touchdown.

      Somerby calls the claim "ridiculous" in his blog today. Somerby is wrong. It is a day of the week.

    7. Link the video, please.

      Link it right under here.

    8. Mao,
      That number would be zero percent if your Establishment Elite bosses hadn't convinced the rubes (through propaganda) that corporations are good for society.

  9. "It was actually hard to hear crazy statements back then. "

    This is entirely untrue. The movie Dr. Strangelove featured one of the prominent crazy statements, that fluoride in the water was sapping our nation's strength. It may seem like fiction, but the anti-fluoride campaign was real. McCarthyism was real. People believed comic books were a commie plot to corrupt our youth. Plenty of crazy to go around.

    1. From Cronkite and Brinkley?

    2. It has never been true that those are the only sources of information. I lived through the 50s and 60s and heard what was on radio and off-network late night TV and saw the propaganda left on front porches. Somerby is revising his memories to create a past that didn't exist. You only had to walk past a grocery store to be handed a pamphlet full of crazy.

      There are some good history books describing the anti-polio vaccine campaign and the lies told about what it would do to kids. And faith-healing is an American invention. We had Amy Semple MacPherson in LA and shows on the radio from the Christian Science Reading Room. Lots of crazy. Father Coughlin, Joe Pine, Garner Ted Armstrong, lots of crazy all over the place.

    3. On second thought, Anonymouse 6:23pm, I’ll quickly get on board with your claim that the craziness of 1966 is no different from today’s craziness.

      The only way that could be more useful is if you had a consistent nym. But then you know that.

    4. Maybe 6:23 could be more useful with a consistent name, but Cecelia having a consistent name and still being completely useless, makes me question that theory.

    5. Cora, it might be fair to say that in those times crazy eventually lost. McCarthy lost and was driven away. Then Coulter came back and said McCarthy was a good guy. Outlets like Bill Maher eventually started treated Coulter as a legitimate person, and helped her launch Trump. Bob uncritically praised Maher. Down we sank.

    6. “Cora”, you’re being able to ID me by name as being useless to you, belies your point, Einstein.

  10. "Today, it's pretty much Crazy and Stupid pretty much all the way down."

    Somerby attaches these labels to things that I find neither crazy nor stupid. Perhaps the angst he feels and attributes to everyone is actually his own unwillingness to hear or value the ideas of people who are different from what he is used to, or what he considers to be right.

    The main message I get from Somerby today is that all those minorities and immogrants have ruined the idyllic times in his youth and they all need to stop complaining because that is hard on him and everyone else (who is vanilla). This is absurd, of course. Somerby has never listened to anyone's complaints, so it is hard to see that they have taxed him much. He himself says he likes minorities when they are basketball coaches, so that can't be his problem.

    He may have a point, but I believe he is expressing it poorly himself. His concerns are the anguish felt by those in privileged positions as white males in a society that has been rigged in their favor for a long time. Now that white people are no longer the clear majority and there is competition for power, money and status, Somerby bemoans the change, as if it were the fault of those different people who are destroying the homogeneity of our nation and complaining about everything. It would be better if they all shut up about whatever they want and left the white males in peace, like they were in the good ole days.

    Meanwhile, Soemrby is oblivious to some of the other problems in our society. For example, opportunities for women are perceived to come at the cost of white men, so they too have contributed to his loss of peace with their incessant complaints about being raped and murdered by their violent exes. If they'd shut up, crisis averted. Second, the homeless people who are destroying the equanimity of mainstream America are mostly veterans with PTSD, drug users (because white upper class men needed their pot and cocaine), and the mentally ill -- remember when Reagan closed the mental hospitals in order to lower taxes? He was supposed to set up community mental health centers, but that never happened. Meanshile Somerby has never mentioned the problem of too many guns in too many hands, because the white males in rural America want to be able to shoot brown and black people at will, like in the good ole days when they weren't even charged with such a shooting.

    Has Somerby even noticed that neither Sinema nor Manchin is any kind of brown or black or immigrant person? Yet they have stalled progress in Congress by refusing to cooperate with anyone except Republicans. And Somerby hasn't said a word about the change in Republican politics under Newt Gingrich, when bipartisanship was abandoned, and a win at all cost, take no prisoners approach to politics was adopted by one party, at the expense of the other (which retained its morals and spiritual sense -- Brooks would find both if he only knew where to look for them). And Somerby never mentions the role of the internet in preventing people from gathering in person to enjoy each others' company, renew ties and enjoy social contact. These are the things that prevent suicide, drug use, anomie and nihilism and the other maladies that Somerby recognizes in himself, although he continues to project them onto society at large. If Somerby were to turn off his computer and his TV and join a bowling league, he might be amazed by how much our society has improved.

    1. I doubt that Somerby reads the stuff here, Anonymouse 6:12pm, but you’re right in suggesting that we’d all have more positive attitudes if we didn’t read you on the internet.

      Yes, Somerby is oblivious as to how grand things are now and also oblivious to all your complaints.

      Aren’t we all?

    2. 6:12 well said and much appreciated. 8:22 who you trying to fool?

    3. Anonymouse 10:37pm, no one in a bowling league.

  11. "So is the trusted professor whore recently told us..."

    Another Freudian slip. We know that Somerby regards women as whores, but he no doubt also thinks of professors and experts who appear on TV are media whores. It is an ugly word that should be retired from polite company, but Somerby no doubt gets tired of just calling people stupid all the time.

    1. We know that Somerby, who takes his nieces and grand-nieces to see the movie Little Women REPETEDLY, because he thinks of women as whores?

      We know THAT is a fact over the possibility of any mistake in ghd typing of “who re cently”

      Why do you think women in particular and everone else reading this blog are children?

    2. Yes Somerby has a thing for females on the younger side. So what.

    3. Anonymouse 10:38pm, exactly.

  12. “the nation was largely a two-race collection. Today, an amazing array of identities crowd the stage, and everyone has a complaint.”

    I seem to recall a bit of a complaint from one of those two races back in the halcyon days of 1963 when the nation was so much more homogeneous and we trusted our leaders so much more than today.

  13. Bob’s selective and simplistic work here, rather oddly, robs him of the once honorable work he did, and in a rather strange fashion, stopped doing.
    In the nineties the national media decided, in ways it never had before, that the profit potential in entertaing up the news, could not be ignored. Liberalish beacons, hardly perfect in the past, trashed it up big time and President Clinton, excellent in many other ways, handed them a sword far more lethal than any Nixon had tossed them. Over time, garbage people like Ken Starr and Rudy were made heroes and the facts on “The Clinton Scandals”, never much emphasized, were forgotten and rewritten. Monica finally got the TV Movie of her dreams.
    Nobody documented this better than Bob. He is not a talented journalist, however, and couldn’t shape his story into an effective. David Brooks, it’s fair to note, at least signed off on the worst of this. If Brooks wants to understand the admittedly confusing situation, he might look back on where he stood on Vince Foster.
    Then Bob, perhaps at first appalled by Fox, decided he could not watch the right, and only monitor the leftish press. Now he otften signs off on Fox, hard to tell if he actually ever watches it.
    The things Bob used to document, the ginning up and distorting of some marginally relevant comment or incident which gets run through the smirking echo chamber, still occur, Bob misses most of them. A host of invented Obama scandals took place over at Fox, Bob may have never heard about them. He stopped trying to set the record straight on Clinton and Gore. Obama’s birth certificate, ironically, was sort of the last stand of his own integrity. The supposed non existence of white racism became an obsession, pushing it as hard as those who make it the world’s only issue.
    Like Brooks, Bob could take a look at his own conduct if he needs some explanation on how the Country went nuts.

    1. All good stuff, the one thing I would point out though is that every time we progress, with respect to economics, class etc, it gets whittled away in the name of racism. It really is a core issue for America.

    2. "He stopped trying to set the record straight on Clinton"

      And I'm the king of Denmark. There are 2,130 results for "Clinton" on this site.

      I for one am glad he stopped. Neoliberals can defend themselves.

  14. The Republican Supreme Court has invalidated decades of legal precedent to rule the Establishment elites have the legal right to make more profits by putting citizens health and life at risk.
    Let's sit back and watch Republican voters become so enraged about this blow to their freedom, they ban CRT from being taught in preschools.


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