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  1. Maureen Dowd said:

    "His erstwhile critic Nancy Pelosi warmly shook hands with “Vice,” and a cluster of Democrats waited to kiss his ring."

    This is her impression of Democrats being civil to Dick Cheney because he was one of only two Republicans who attended the ceremonies commemorating 1/6 (with his daughter, Liz Cheney).

    Dowd implies that Democrats have abandoned their principles by being civil to Cheney and says not one word about the MIA Republicans, leadership and rank and file, who didn't care enough about our democracy to respect the sacrifices and effort put into protecting our capitol and our democratic processes on that day.

    For Dowd, it is never about the Republicans, but only about trying to make some Democrat look bad. And yet conservatives persist in claiming that the New York Times is liberal media.

    Somerby used to call out Dowd. Lately, he doesn't bother. Why call out someone who is doing the same hit job on Democrats as Somerby himself does?

    Somerby should be praising Pelosi and others who shook hands (no rings were kissed) with members of the other party. That used to happen routinely but Republicans changed. But this is the kumbaya moment Somerby keeps calling for. Perhaps he'll mention it tomorrow?

  2. Is Somerby back to allowing spam in his comments?

  3. Rachel Maddow did a good job yesterday of detailing the fraud committed on behalf of Trump's campaign as supporters in three states mailed forged documents to the national archives saying that Trump had won the election in Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin.



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