New year begins in a thoughtful old way!


Daily Dot calls out a Karen: We're prepared to admit it.

As of this morning, we had heard of The Daily Dot, but we didn't exactly know what The Daily Dot actually was.

Early this morning, we were directed to the invaluable site when we turned on our computer. 

As it turned out, The Dot was performing a public service. The Daily Dot had spotted a Karen—and The Dot was calling her out! 

Tricia Crimmins, who may be a Karen herself, had done the site's reporting. The twin headlines offer this:

‘Why do people think they are so damn important?’: Viral TikTok shows Karen running onto airport tarmac to catch her flight 
'Did she [think] the plane was going to back up for her?'

Importantly, someone on TikTok had spotted a Karen trying to catch a flight!

Newsweek supplied the name of the Karen. Embarrassingly, the magazine hadn't been willing to drop the K-bomb on her head, so The Daily Dot fell to the task. 

Almost surely, our embarrassing, rapidly failing tribe will keep this up all year. At times of social stress, we humans are inclined to start denouncing Others, preferably in very large groups—or at least, so the  major top experts all despondently tell us.

We're currently hunting the Karens. In such ways, our tribe is becoming deeply involved in the kinds of soul-crushing, brain-dead behavior we used to say we disliked.

These white women today! It's known that such people feel deeply entitled. Luckily, no one else does!

Just for the record, this is who and what we actually are. Our tribe is deeply sunk in this dumbness. There's no sign we're planning to stop.

Our top question of the past year: Our top question is much too lofty to get thrown in with this.


  1. Brain-dead behavior of brain-dead liberals. This year, and last year, and non-stop 24x7 during the last five or six years.

    Duh. And what else is new, dear Bob?

    1. How does Mao know what the politics were of that woman on the tarmac?

    2. The same way he knows everything else. He doesn't.

  2. Somerby doesn't understand what the word Karen means, considering it some sort of generic insult using a woman's name. The key element is that a Karen has an overblown sense of entitlement.

    Somerby says: "Tricia Crimmins, who may be a Karen herself, had done the site's reporting."

    Tricia Crimmins is doing her job as a reporter. She exhibits no overblown entitlement. She just does what she was hired to do. That means she is not a Karen (based on the evidence Somerby provides). She is just someone reporting a story that Somerby dislikes, so he calls her a name.

    The woman who ran onto the tarmac to catch a flight shows entitlement by assuming that the plane should stop for her, even if she is late and not supposed to be on the tarmac at all, by airport regulations. She is also oblivious to those she inconveniences by her actions. That behavior is what makes her a Karen.

    This isn't rocket science. I presume that Somerby's own misunderstanding is deliberate because he doesn't like to see the entitlement inherent in being a member of the white social class called out so often. It might require that he question his own entitlement as a white male living in a city with many black people, most poorer than himself. But that self-examination is exactly what is being requested of those who wish to eliminate racism, sexism and classism (among other isms) in our society. But Somerby seems to consider that a waste of time, given his remarks today.

    Somerby says: "We're currently hunting the Karens."

    No one hunted that woman. She put herself on the tarmac and someone happened to video her using a cell phone. The woman being called Karen endangered herself and others, violated security procedures and broke rules without thinking about the impact of her actions. It is not OK to do that, even if you are a person who believes that your own concerns are infinitely more important than those of other people.

    Which brings me to masks and vaccines. It wouldn't be right to call the anti-maskers "Karens" because they are manifestly not all female, but their disregard for others and their sense of entitlement when it comes to putting their own needs above other people, and when it comes to policing others by preventing the community safety others are seeking to achieve, is very Karenish. Like this Karen, they don't care if they harm others as long as they get to assert their own importance by invoking authority (freedom) to persecute those who are not as important as themselves (often black people, but in the case of masks, the elderly and immunocompromised and children).

    But Somerby thinks this is stupid. So he mocks what other people care about. That's our Somerby, new year same as the old year.

    1. "The woman who ran onto the tarmac to catch a flight shows entitlement by assuming that the plane should stop for her, even if she is late and not supposed to be on the tarmac at all, by airport regulations. She is also oblivious to those she inconveniences by her actions. That behavior is what makes her a Karen."

      Uh huh. Consider that this behavior indicates someone a bit more out of touch with reality and in need of help than the term "Karen" connotes, which is so often and obviously the case with the women in these sorts of videos.

    2. What do you supposed might happen if you tried to help such a woman? Maybe you might be punched in the face and called sarcastic names?

    3. Probably. That’s the point. These videos are all over Twitter. It’s like gawking at a car wreck.

    4. This is reality as about 40% of the country sees it. I suppose we could ignore how poorly right wingers behave, but that approach leads to chaos and suffering. The only tribe suggesting we help these people is the Democratic Party, unfortunately, they are also suggesting we help the oppressed too, and right wingers vehemently oppose that.

    5. Cecelia you have a fundamental misunderstanding: noone is trying to change your values, positions, and opinions; all that is being offered are explanatory corrections to your misguided nonsense. Your ESL-style non sequitur-ridden comments tickle and delight, please do not deny.

    6. You might be more convincing with that if you weren’t so quick to denounce “Karens” rather than seeing them as possible stressed-out Marthas, Kathys, and Adriennes.

    7. Anonymouse 9:18pm, now why would I consider you as being someone who cared about that sort of persuasion? That’s preposterous. You can’t distinguish harboring the notion that your political contrarians aren’t feral cats as being something a bit less than total capitulation.

      If illogical conclusions were hands, you’d be patting your head with both hooks.

    8. If logical conclusions were hands… rather.

      If they were feet, you’d be clicking your stumps.

    9. See what I mean.

    10. Yes. You aren’t hard to fathom.

    11. Yes thank you! Hilariously you offer a correction to an epic word salad of non sequiturs that make sense only in your head.

      (No wonder you mistake Karens for mental cases instead of the privileged oppressors they really are. Some say you can't fight City Hall, and you prove you can't make discourse with a lunatic.)

      Yes, this! Please, more! Here wait, let me gather some research clinicians (of a certain type) in on this, give me 10 min and then go, more!

      Are you buying this? I'm employing your strategy and style.

    12. Right, I don’t label women behaving badly as automatically being entitled oppressors,

      I see them as possibly being persons who are in a bad way in times that are not easy.

      That’s my strategy and style in everyday life, but you vote the right way, so pat your own head. (Maybe stick an eraser over the points of those hooks.)

    13. She interrupted airport workers preparing to help disabled passengers arguing that she herself was "special needs". That makes her entitled. By interrupting those workers, she interfered with the flight of those disabled passengers waiting to board. That makes her something of an oppressor.

      We are all in a bad way in life from time to time. When someone focuses only on their own needs, instead of helping and having concern for others, they are selfish, uncaring, and narcissistic. Being that way doesn't make someone a victim (as you want to portray them). It makes them a problem for other people.

      Here you demonstrate Somerby's tendency to turn the bully into the victim. This woman bullied others by forcing them to deal with her in the midst of their normal workday as she committed a felony by running onto the field, endangering herself and others. She is not the victim.

      Like other conservatives, you use this same strategy to excuse selfish people who you perhaps identify with. This woman deserves the bad day she had because she behaved badly to cause her own problems and to make problems for other people. She is a criminal (technically, since she committed a felony) and not someone who deserves sympathy.

      If you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys, that explains a lot about why you vote the way you do. But don't pat yourself on the back for doing so.

    14. This is another reason why people don't like you here, Cecelia. You, like Somerby, defend wrongdoers. That makes you a not very nice person. The more you talk, the more you reveal about yourself, and the more I am glad I don't know you in real life.

    15. Some might slightly enjoy this Cecelia 2022 Lunacy Tour, but the truth is mental health is no joke.

      Your strategy and style is to trigger people you want to dominate to the degree that you provoke a personal response, in which case you immediately turn and claim victimhood. It is an ugly way to be but it is borne from things beyond your control. You're not personally responsible yet you take pride in your questionable character.

      Nobody does what you claim (also nobody really knows what you're talking about, I'm having to fill in a lot of blanks). Oppressed people routinely behave badly and society needs to view that within the context of oppression. A misbehaving privileged woman demanding recognition of her status within her preferred hierarchy that she happily perpetuates, which is oppressive, can be rightly called out. Is she shot? Is she forced to live in poverty. Nope. She is called "Karen". Sacre bleu! It's trivial, yet still important, it clarifies that dialectic between the privileged and the oppressed.

    16. Or maybe saying that she has special needs, means that she has special needs.

      I’m not swift to put people, particularly strangers, into categories of good guys or bad guys. All of us land in either category at times.

      I don’t excuse bad behavior on an assumption of victimhood either.

      I just do what most people do which is to feel badly for people who are obviously not firing on all cylinders.

      I even feel the same way for you as I read and see how you’ve painted yourself into a harsh and hard little corner for the sake of trolling a blogger.

    17. “t's trivial, yet still important, it clarifies that dialectic between the privileged and the oppressed.”

      Too bad Beria isn’t around for a show trial.

    18. @Cecelia "...I don’t label women behaving badly as automatically..."

      Meh. What's so "behaving badly" about trying to catch your flight at the last minute?

      Seems perfectly normal to us.

    19. I am certain they don't allow Russians to run out onto the tarmac chasing planes, either.

    20. Who's "they", dear dembot - dembots? We were not aware that Russian airports are your typical habitat.

    21. The airport security personnel, who turned her over to police. Opening a secured exit and running out onto the tarmac is an automatic felony.

      My certainty is based on the greater degree of security present in Russian airfields, not having actually visited them. But since you are on the ground there, you can check for yourself.

      These security measures were enacted in the face of terrorist attacks. Russian has dealt with Chechnyan terrorism itself and we are now dealing with domestic terrorism in the USA.

      You think this is all a big joke because this woman was drunk and unreasonable, but procedures exist to protect all travelers, regardless of whether they appear harmless or are more threatening. Security will react first and sort out what happened second.

      This woman, aside from being drunk and expecting exceptions to be made for her, caused major inconvenience to others. It isn't funny. It interferes with efforts to keep all travelers safe.

    22. So, dear dembot, Russian airport security guards living inside your head secure the service doors in Russian airports - inside your head.

      Good for them.

      ...but then, why wouldn't the Phoenix international airport implement the same practice? Is it run by liberals, by chance?

    23. They did. That is why the woman was arrested.

      Here is how it works: when someone opens the door, an alarm sounds and security personnel respond to address the problem, whatever it may be. The doors cannot be permanently locked because legitimate personnel must use them to do their jobs, and because in the event of a fire, you wouldn't want people inside the terminal to be locked in with no escape.

      This is my last reply to you. You are not anyone who discusses anythig in good faith. If you do not stipulate that Russia has security in its own airports, we have nothing to talk about.


    25. It’s not hard to understand why Newsweek would get involved in covering the Karen stories, which may give the shark attack hysteria a run for its money.

      It’s all TikTok now.

    26. No, they didn't, dear 12:16 PM dembot. They didn't lock the service door.

      Any normal person who's late for the 'boarding at the gate' ritual, who can see through the window their plane still being boarded, will certainly be tempted to get there. And if service doors aren't locked, some - many - will try.

      Which is perfectly natural, in our humble human opinion. Dembots, obviously, is a different matter.

  3. Somerby apparently thinks that no one should call out the misbehavior of anyone else, much as he believes that no one should go to jail for commiting a crime, even a major one such as wrongfully killing someone.

    He doesn't even call for personal responsibility. Perhaps he is a libertarian, willing to accept that unbridled self-interest may lead people to harm others in their pursuit of their own gain.

    He won't say, but his recent statements are definitely not the way liberals think about society. Liberals tend to think that we should cooperate to achieve the common good.

    Now that anyone with a cell phone has the capacity to embarrass even total strangers, we should perhaps think more about what we do in public. But that was always so in small towns where everyone knows everyone else. The main change is that the anonymity of large cities is gone, replaced by group opinion on social media, which sometimes seeps into other media as well.

    In this case, films set a bad example when the hero dashes to the airport to stop a departing plane in order to tell his girlfriend that he loves her. This poor woman may have been too stupid to realize that movies aren't real life. But there is still a sense of entitlement involved if she thinks that she is a heroine and that airlines should rearrange everything to suit her, just as the woman who wouldn't sit down apparently thought, judging by her behavior (she punched a guy because she didn't like what he was saying).

    Somerby is wrong about this, just as he has been wrong about a lot lately.

  4. Isn't Somerby being a Karen when he tells others to stop calling women Karens?

  5. From the article Somerby linked to:

    "“Missed her flight, walked out emergency exit onto tarmac,” TikToker @anthonyk89 wrote in the video’s overlay text. “Automatic felony.”

    The video has received over 530,000 views. In the video’s comment section, @anthonyk892 wrote that she missed her flight because “she got wasted at the bar behind the gate.”

    “She was literally arguing with the guy helping elderly get ready for the next flight,” the TikToker continued in the comment section. “She said ‘I’m special needs.'”

    There may be some value in posting such things to TikTok and Daily Dot if it helps other clueless people understand that what they are doing will get them into serious trouble. The airlines have enough to deal with these days, being understaffed due to covid and stressed by passengers who are more than usually difficult these days.

    The empathy should go to airline workers, not stupid passengers who think that they deserve to be treated like exceptions (entitlement again).

    1. You’re allowed to feel bad for a variety of stressed out people and possibly emotionally ill people all at the same time.

      Go ahead. We won’t tell Somerby.

    2. I feel bad for people of color who are massively outdone by Whites on every significant metric.

      I feel bad for workers who are wage slaves.

      I feel bad for those that can not afford proper health care, food, or housing.

      I feel bad for those suffering from unresolved trauma.

      I feel bad for Whites whose youth commit suicide in numbers that dwarf crime stats of people of color.

      These feelings make me a leftist; right wingers mock me for such feelings and fight to maintain the status quo of white privilege and dominance. Interesting.

    3. No, what makes you a leftist is your self-serving surety that people don’t care about these problems unless they completely concur with you on how to fix them.

    4. Definitionally, caring about those problems means you are a leftist. Leftists want progress, emancipation for the oppressed; right wingers are Reactionary, they oppose progress.

      Leftists do not claim exclusivity on solutions, that chip on your shoulder is just a pose. Leftists are opposed to the dogmatism of the right, which is the root of fascism.

      No right winger proposes we fix those problems, generally they deny they exist. No right winger is such a snowflake to be insulted by being called out for not caring, they see it as a feature, not a bug. For them, vice signaling is one of their greatest pleasures.

      It bears repeating because right wingers love The Grift: that chip on your shoulder is a con, it's just a pose. My sincerity gnaws at your lack of integrity and moral compass. I'm not reading your mind, like you claim to read mine, I'm reading your words and actions.

    5. Nope.

      (And nobody else does either.)

    6. As much as they try to be, even anonymices aren’t nobodies.

    7. Are you flirting?

      Seriously, I accept your tipping of the King.

    8. I made a distinction as to who it is that didn’t see my point. It ain’t “nobody”, it’s anonymices.

      Any non-anonymouse got a headache from the ear-splitting crack as she ended that screed by clicking her heels together.

    9. Ah, just a sore loser projecting their own face-planting onto their perceived enemy, exhibiting their world famous hatred for those that deny them the dominance they are so desperate for.

      Here's a tip: leftists care about emancipating the oppressed, right wingers can't see beyond their nose - try widening your horizons, you'll feel positive about growth instead of feeling like you've been dominated when you lose, which after all is the prevailing circumstance.

    10. “By a perceived enemy”? You’ve arrived at yet another one of your brilliant conclusions/assessments.

      You’re a self-declared enemy of your political contrarians who you find irredeemably uncaring and brutish.

      You’re even a declared enemy of any liberal who does not agree with that summation.

      “Perceived”. That’s cute.

    11. Flirting again?

      Dude, it's over, you lost, go home.

    12. Illogical AND tone deaf is no way for you to go through life.

    13. Isn't it ironic.

    14. You’re making a good living from it, Corby.

      How much per word?

    15. You think I have to be paid to defend democracy?

    16. From The New York Times, editorial, Jan 1, 2022:

      “It is regular citizens who threaten election officials and other public servants, who ask, ‘When can we use the guns?’ and who vow to murder politicians who dare to vote their conscience. It is Republican lawmakers scrambling to make it harder for people to vote and easier to subvert their will if they do. It is Donald Trump who continues to stoke the flames of conflict with his rampant lies and limitless resentments and whose twisted version of reality still dominates one of the nation’s two major political parties.”

      “In short, the Republic faces an existential threat from a movement that is openly contemptuous of democracy and has shown that it is willing to use violence to achieve its ends. No self-governing society can survive such a threat by denying that it exists. Rather, survival depends on looking back and forward at the same time.”

      I care what happens to my country and yours, even if you do not.

    17. “Somerby apparently thinks that no one should call out the misbehavior of anyone else, much as he believes that no one should go to jail for commiting a crime, even a major one such as wrongfully killing someone.”

      Corby, you aren’t defending democracy with deliberately disingenuous statements like this.

      You’re simply being a trolling putz.

    18. I am not going to waste my time documenting Somerby's many statements to this effect, when most people here have read them for themselves.

    19. He’s suggested anything like what you’re accuse him of arguing.

      You’re being willfully obtuse in your ticky tacky thinking because your bro hammers Maddow.

    20. No, what makes you a leftist is your self-serving surety that people don’t care about these problems unless they completely concur with you on how to fix them.

      We should all be grateful and applaud Cecelia as she explains her other ways of dealing with the items listed in the NY Times:

      From The New York Times, editorial, Jan 1, 2022:

      “It is regular citizens who threaten election officials and other public servants, who ask, ‘When can we use the guns?’ and who vow to murder politicians who dare to vote their conscience. It is Republican lawmakers scrambling to make it harder for people to vote and easier to subvert their will if they do. It is Donald Trump who continues to stoke the flames of conflict with his rampant lies and limitless resentments and whose twisted version of reality still dominates one of the nation’s two major political parties.”

      “In short, the Republic faces an existential threat from a movement that is openly contemptuous of democracy and has shown that it is willing to use violence to achieve its ends. No self-governing society can survive such a threat by denying that it exists. Rather, survival depends on looking back and forward at the same time.”

      What is Cecelia's response to:

      Republican lawmakers scrambling to make it harder for people to vote and easier to subvert their will if they do.


      But she insists, she's one of the good ones.

    21. May 15, 2020:

      "The longing to lock Flynn up: Back in 2016, Donald J. Trump wanted to lock her up.

      Michael Flynn wanted to lock her up too. We thought his behavior was stunningly bad, bordering on the half-crazy.

      Now we're engaged in a great tribal war. Over Here, on the blue team, we now want to lock Flynn up."

      May 15, 2019:

      "The criminalization of everything: Is Adam Schiff possibly losing his way? Is everything now being criminalized?

      These questions popped into our heads as we read this news report in today's New York Times. Forget about people like Donald J. Trump and the even more heinous Donald Trump Junior, who is now wearing a beard. The report raises the possibility that Schiff may even want to lock four lawyers up."

      June 13, 2017:

      "We liberals are jealous of any suggestion that we might not be able to lock him up.

      Lock him up! It's now our great cry. This longing inspired the letter which tops today's letters page in the New York Times:"

      April 16, 2018:

      "DERSHOWITZ: When they said "get Hillary," there was no conspiracy. Just a lot of people wanted to lock her up. A lot of people want to lock up Trump.
      Is it true? Are "a lot of people trying to get Trump?" Do a lot of people "want to lock up Trump?"

      Dearest darling, use your heads! Few statements could be more obvious."

      December 8, 2021:

      "For starters, we'll mention the love of punishment and the desire for retribution in the wake of horrible tragedies.

      Sometimes, punishment is necessary, but that doesn't mean we should love it. The headline on yesterday's editorial employs a type of language we have specifically tried to question over the past few years:

      When parents enable gun massacres, they should be locked up, too
      If a parent "enables a gun massacre," should that parent be charged with a crime? "

      June 5, 2020:

      "When that time comes, the time also comes to lock the scapegoats up. To lock up the veteran cop who crazily killed a person, but also to lock up the rookie cop who told him he should stop.

      We don't lock the police chief up—after all, he took a knee—nor would we say that we should.

      We don't lock up the governor or the mayor, the fellows who let all those choking incidents go. We don't inquire about the training programs to which those rookie cops were exposed. We don't lock up cable stars.

      We do lock up the rookie cops. Similarly, we prosecute the college freshmen, not the college presidents who stage the drunken brawls which eventually lead to disaster. We do so because, as the poet once wrote, "The lovely shall be choosers." Complicit people at the top of the heap will lock up those below."

      June 12, 2017:

      "We've borrowed our focus from people like Flynn. Our bumper sticker now bears three words:

      "Lock him up!"

      Lock him up! That's our war cry, our current demand.

      Forget all that collusion crap. We're now pursuing demon Trump for an obstruction of justice. This is the porridge we're served every night on our favorite "cable news" programs."

      December 6, 2021:

      "Rittenhouse was 17 at the time. We've also been thinking about Ethan Crumbley, who was 15 years old, and badly disturbed, when he didn't get the help he badly needed.

      In each case, our general reaction has had us trying to try to lock these young people up."

      ..."Our hearts go out to all the struggling kids who are badly in need of help. We don't think that locking everyone up—or falling in line behind prosecutors on TV—is the best or most attractive way to handle a meltdown like this. "

      And the examples go on and on. You can do the googling yourself.

      Somerby has said over and over that he doesn't think people should be locked up, even for serious crimes such as shooting unarmed men, or school children.

    22. Sure. When have I insisted that I’m one of the good anything and when have I made pronouncements on the saintliness of Republicans? When have I ever denounced the Democratic Party?

      I’m a conservative. Politics isn’t a substitute religion for me and I don’t have to spend time countering a hyperbolic opinion writer in the NYT simply because you both eternally have your hair on fire.

    23. “ Somerby has said over and over that he doesn't think people should be locked up, even for serious crimes such as shooting unarmed men, or school children.”

      So that’s what Somerby is saying, huh, Einstein? Nothing more subtle than that? Nothing about a subjects or a scenario that might have been a matter of dispute among legal experts, let alone a blogger?

      Nope. Somerby wants to empty all the prisons. If he doesn’t see it your way, what else could it be?

    24. See now, you consider the claims of that editorial to be hyperbolic when we consider them to be both alarming and realistic. By the way, it was the NY Times Editorial Board, not an individual's opinion.

      You cannot call yourself pro-democracy while ignoring the activities of your own party to undermine our democracy. And by ignoring what Republicans have been doing, you implicitly endorse their "saintliness", just as when you deny the reasons liberals put forward for being alarmed.

    25. Cecelia, Somerby doesn't do nuance. He has said repeatedly that he doesn't think that various people charged with crimes and even convicted, should be locked up. That is a fact. You may agree or disagree, but his statements are clear.

      Adding your own nuance or reasoning to Somerby's doesn't mean he said those things that are the products of your imagination, not his.

      Calling Maddow and other cable news hosts too eager to lock people up is one of Somerby's favorite criticisms of them and the left. Seeking to punish wrongdoing is wrong, in Somerby's opinion, expressed in many different contexts here. Denying it makes you look foolish.

    26. Republican lawmakers scrambling to make it harder for people to vote and easier to subvert their will if they do.

      I guess you don't see that as a problem, eh Cecelia?


    27. I’m now supposed to be on the defensive about a topic that isn’t part of the blog post or the claims being made about the blogger?

      Do you need bus fare to go argue with Republicans on

    28. Anonymouse 3:33pm, I’m afraid people really can and often do question the guilt of defendants, the reasonableness of a sentence, whether charges should have been brought.

      They can even have the temerity to question the endless lip-smacking excitement on cable news over the newest thing that is going to be the thing that finally gets the pariah locked up.

      It does not follow that they therefore want to open Attica and let everyone out.

      Quit your nonsense.

    29. He isn't only speaking about specific cases, but speaking generally. He's made that clear when he says things like "I don't like seeing people locked up."

      Lip-smacking excitement sounds like a projection on the part of the viewer. Of course liberals want to see Trump and his henchmen locked up -- because of the harm they do -- but so does Liz Cheney and quite a few people who are not liberal and may even be Republicans.

      Somerby has defended Roy Moore from accusations of molesting 14 year old girls. I'll bet a substantial number of Q-Anon followers might be dismayed by that one.

      By the way, even the inmates at Attica weren't trying to be released during the Attica rioting. They wanted better prison conditions, not release.

      Somerby has never explained how a society can function without locking people up. It seems like someone serious about such a belief might offer some philosophical or sociological reasons to support his ideas. That's why his demands come across as a defense of specific conservatives instead of a serious examination of how a justice system should work.

    30. “ You cannot call yourself pro-democracy while ignoring the activities of your own party to undermine our democracy”

      Well, since I’m not an anonymouse pompous twit hanging a “pro-democracy” pendant around my own neck or doing ten paragraph odes to my and my party’s rectitude, no problem…

    31. Here is an article about how Abraham Lincoln wanted to deal with the treason of the confederacy supported by members of Congress:

    32. Anonymouse 4:27pm, Somerby has never explained that to you because it’s not something he’s advocating.

      By the way, is Roy Moore locked up for pedophilia? What happened to the cry to lock him up over his indisputable guilt?

    33. I’m now supposed to be on the defensive about a topic that isn’t part of the blog post or the claims being made about the blogger?

      You had no problem snarling and snapping at someone earlier.

      No, what makes you a leftist is your self-serving surety that people don’t care about these problems unless they completely concur with you on how to fix them.

      I am simply curious if you cared about the "problem" of systematically disenfranchising black voters?
      Or perhaps you don't see that as a problem.

      You don't have to answer.


      You talk about the "progress" we have made and say this is TDHs argument. Well, you have a funny definition of progress. Gutting of voting rights, theft of supreme court seats, the impending overturning of Roe, the normalization and enthusiastic support of a would-be fascist who tried to pull a coup and overturn a presidential election,...

      That is the opposite of progress, lady.

    34. Anonymouse 4:49pm, I don’t consider all to be leftists and I certainly don’t consider anonymices to be representative of lliberals in general.

      As to your list, I won’t be sorry if Roe is overturned, but as to the other stuff, I am very sorry for you having to wrestle with your boogeymen.

    35. Here is a summary of the accusations against Moore and the outcomes of them. Basically, Moore lost his political and religious support but was not charged. That doesn't make him innocent. It is what frequently happens when a 14 year old accuses a politically connected older man.

    36. Forgot to include the link:

    37. You know what they say about the Right. If you don’t like them being assholes, wait a minute, they’ll quickly play the victim.

  6. Somerby asks "can't we all get along" and incorrectly conflates that with MLK jr and Ghandi, but they did not ask that, they fought against oppression, something Somerby wants us to just pretend does not exist.

    1. Somerby does not believe that racism exists or oppression exists or that criminals should go to jail or that anyone on the planet has expertise in anything.

      This approach to argumentation is what makes you a leftist.

    2. 8:14 your reading comprehension is wanting, either that or you're just being a dick.

      Somerby proposes we make peace with those opposed to progress; yet, demonstrably, it is the opposite strategy that leads to progress. Who demonstrated such strategies? MLK jr and Ghandi. They fought oppressors through instigation, provocation, protest, and even violence. The last several election cycles have seen milquetoast neo liberal centrist Dems either lose or obstruct progress, while leftists win elections and propose progress. Biden is an exception largely due to politics by those similarly minded to Somerby - unless you're on the right, right wingers pretend to think he is a marxist!

      Most Millennials and Gen Zers now prefer socialism over capitalism, so it is unsurprising they are also the most "woke" generations, electorally responding positively to protests and so called identity politics.

      Strawman arguments are a fallacy that point to the progenitor lacking good faith. You might want to study up on that.

    3. You might want to study up on Ghandi and MLK.

    4. 9:03 They indeed fought oppressors through instigation, provocation, protest, and even violence. Apologies, I did omit propaganda so I add it now, as I can see that aspect potentially being weaponized. It is unsurprising for a right winger to lack historical knowledge or context, they employ an effective but malevolent strategy in attempting to reduce history to mere cults of personality, instead of examining what happened.

    5. And you might want to study up on Lincoln, a supposed hero of Somerby’s.

      Lincoln, who appealed to the better angels of our nature, said all of us shared in the blame for the War.

      …after destroying the South.

      He apparently believed total war was the right response to the South’s provocation.

      How liberal of him, no?

    6. No, mh, how nationalistic and necessary of a leader of a nation.

      Reading your post and the anonymouse simpleton’s above, it’s no wonder that Somerby has lately recalled the pre-war bravado scenes contrasted with the post-battle carnage from the movie GWTW.

      He gets it and that explains the vehemence of your obsession with him, and it makes his appeals more relevant than you want to admit.

    7. Cecelia, GWTW is fiction, Southern revisionist fiction. No one considers it a documentary.

    8. No sees Schindler's List as a documentary either, but 21st century events have made me recall it more than once.

    9. We have no control over what you think about. But when you offer up something from a movie like that, you are on very shakey ground. No one here has called Schindler's List a documentary, but that is another example of a strawman.

    10. No, SL is a movie. Just as GWTW is a movie. They are alike in that.

      What was a straw man was the argument that I couldn’t logically reference a scene about pre-war bravado vs post battle bodies since GWTW isn’t a documentary.

    11. Right, a revisionist Southern apologist film like GWTW is not evidence of the point you were trying to make, because it is fiction not history.

    12. Anonymouse 4:19pm, that argument might make sense if I had offered up GWTW as a testimony to Confederate courage or some supposedly charming sense of “duty”, but I didn’t do that because it’s not what Somerby did.

      He referenced it as a cinematic visual to the bravado of young rebels vs the reality of battle. There it was on screen, in technicolor, and as true to life as they could get it without alarming the censors.

    13. See, there you go assuming that a fictional movie was real.

    14. What I assumed is that you’re being intentionally obtuse, although I see now that you’re not feigning.

  7. "Karen" is just another cliché adopted by the thoughtless. Like "welfare queen."

    1. Society is helped by identifying "Karens" (if you have to to ask...), society is harmed by identifying "welfare queens". Pick a side.

  8. Somerby thinks racism is not a thing any more, that we should ignore anything related to race and that race only exists because liberals make a fuss about racism.

    Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog compiled comments on Breitbart's blog posted in response to the resignation of the judge in Louisiana who used the n-word repeatedly. These suggest that racism is alive among Breitbart readers.

    Calling out racism and the white entitlement exemplified by Karens must happen in order to address the sense of aggrieved entitlement that white people use to justify their ongoing racism.

    Note the comments that portray this judge as the victim since some presumably black person stole something from her. The assumption is that racism is OK since black people are all thieves. This is another example of reversing the victim and the bully. The judge is in a position of power and holds the lives of everyone who comes before her in her hands. Her racist beliefs prevent justice for ALL of the black people she encountered, but her unfairness is considered OK because some individual black person once harmed her.

    1. You’d sound less like a troll if you argued that Somerby’s preferred emphases on a color blind society insufficiency addresses the problem.

      You can’t. That’s too accommodating in your book.

    2. I don't have to. Somerby's premise is incorrect because there is too much racism in the USA and that is demonstrated over and over by current events and people's own behavior. So, you DID miss my point. I am not saying that Somerby thinks ignoring racism will cause it to go away -- that is YOUR strawman. I am saying that racism still exists contrary to Somerby's belief that it is insignificant, and that it needs to be addressed via anti-racism efforts. Somerby has been arguing that if you call out racism, people will vote for Trump, but racists are going to vote for Trump anyway.

    3. No, Somerby hasn’t been arguing that. Somerby has been arguing that if you diminish the progress we have made and demand that whites account for racism simply because they are white, you will drive off …regular people… nonmonsters…voters.

    4. I could do a google search on the phrases in your comment and wouldn't find any of them in a TDH post. For example, liberals are not calling for whites to account for racism simply because they are white. Nor has Somerby ever argued that we liberals will diminisg the progress we have made. He has been saying that he thinks race wouldn't be a problem if people simply were color-blind, and that racism arises because of the liberal focus on race -- an argument that comes straight from conservatives.

      I haven't called you a monster and I don't think that language is helpful, but I do think that racism arises because of the past and present racists acts and beliefs of people who are bigoted, creating and perpetuating a system that reflects those bigoted beliefs. These need to be changed at many levels and simply being color-blind isn't going to change much.

      It does bother me that liberals cannot even talk about racism without upsetting Somerby (and conservatives).

    5. Anonymouse 4:17pm, liberals do demand that whites individually and personally take responsibility for their privilege and for an endemically racist society. Yes, that has been discussed here.

      Yes, that assumed onus does bother people.

    6. It shouldn't bother anyone who is genuinely not racist and wants to improve society for others.

    7. Corby, thanks for the back up.

  9. "When I lived in Boulder County during the nineties, it didn't feel like a suburb of Denver. Nowadays, the I-36 corridor has been developed to death. When you see the ocean of cheaply made houses built for upper middle class communists who escaped their blue states only to bring their destructive ideology with them to Colorado, it makes you wish a real fire would come and clean the slate."

    But Somerby considers Democrats (liberals) to be the problem because someone posted a Tiktok video of a drunk woman on the tarmac at an airport!

    David Neiwert talks about the eliminationist language that led to dehumanization of political enemies and groups targeted as scapegoats so that atrocities like the Holocaust or Rwandan massacre could happen. Today, such language is being aimed by the right wing at Democrats and liberals, who are being called communist and socialist and threatened with murder. Yes, these are just people sounding off, but so were the ones who said such things in advance of Hitler's extermination policies, creating an atmosphere in which such atrocities could occur.

    Republicans need to turn their Karens attentions toward their own misbehavior. There is no excuse for the things being said on the right these days.

  10. Part of the Howler’s decline has been Bob, sometimes correctly, pointing to silly and unimportant stories that are getting undeserved attention, and giving them more attention. Here he digs into an obscure new vendor to find the irrelevant.
    How about that supply chain story about how Biden was supposed to wreck Christmas that didn’t happen? He would not have even had to leave CNN or MSNBC for that.

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